Troublesome Sewing Terms Untangled


Primarily for beginners and the newbies who are just starting out, I’m untangling those pesky words that we are too embarrassed to admit to the pro’s out there that we don’t get it.

As a newbie to the sewing bee ‘biz I have (and still do) found myself in the middle of a tutorial or instructions on how to make this cute thing or that adorable whatsit and gone wait, what the hell does that word mean?

It’s usually a word that seems simple and feels like I should know. How can I call myself a sewer if I don’t know what basting means? I don’t want to ask all these experts silly questions! To top it off official dictionaries seem to be comprised of even more confusing definitions and other sewing terms! Where’s the non-judging, right-back-to-basics simple explanation of weird sewing words?

Right here, my fellow newbies! For you (and myself!) I’m going to be researching, experimenting and debunking all those words that have us scratching our heads and double checking before finishing that step of the tutorial, and sharing my definitions with you all here in this series of posts.

So far I’ve looked at:






Are there any terms you want untangling? I’m going right back to the beginning here folks, so there are no silly suggestions. Which words make you pull that erm-what? face in the middle of a project?

Happy sewing!

Hayley Margaret


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