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Berlin on a Borrowed Camera

The Boy (as I have taken to calling him, ala Belle de Jour: The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl, I am clearly a reader of classy, high-end literature as you can tell) has a new camera. It is a heavy beast of a thing, cost an obscene amount of money but will hopefully help him take the pretty pretty pictures he loves to.


Additional bonus: I’ve been lent (read: donated for good unless his breaks) his old one just in time for our mini-getaway to Berlin in a week-or-so. It’s a Canon 350D – not that that means anything to me beyond being better at photos than my iPhone – and I’m excited about being able to take some decent pictures of my trip. Prepare to have a gallery of holiday photos foisted on you all on my return!


It’s a city I’ve never visited before. I must admit I’m completely pants at any kind of general knowledge or history but I know a little. The Boy has also promised to give me a little “Cold War for Dummies” breakdown before we go. I’m really looking forward to learning more from the city itself.

So have any of you been to Berlin? Anything in particular I simply have to make time for in the time I’m visiting?



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