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Blog Hoppy Thingy.

Last week I was thrilled and touched to be nominated for a crafty blog hop making it’s way around the internet, by the lovely Susie at Susie D Designs.

I’ve never done a blog hop before, nor even heard of one. I am a newborn in the blogosphere, so bear with me on this. I’ve grasped that I should be answering a few questions about my blog!

1. Why do I write?

I love to write. Even as a little girl I’d write little stories in notebooks and be too embarrassed to show anyone. With good reason really, they were awful. On my blog here I’m hoping to keep a balance between writing for personal improvement and enjoyment and also sharing my sewing adventures with you all. When I started self-teaching myself to use a sewing machine I kept a notebook of creations and the few things I’d learnt so far. One morning I looked at it and thought, someone might be interested in all of this. So here I am.


2. What am I working on?

In a word; zips. I’m about to start working on using zips in a lot of my beginner makes to hopefully be less scared of them! (Yes I did say zips! When I said, starting to learn to sew from the very beginning – I meant it!). So I predict a lot of zippy pouches and accessories in my blogging future!

3. How does my blog differ from others of its genre?

Tough one! There are a lot of amazing sewing and crafty blogs out there with a lot more professional advice and tutorials and a lot less mistakes than I will make, but I’m hoping that’s the charm! One comment I received when I started was the hope that I would provide almost a “Sewing for Dummies” viewpoint, which I am hoping I will, with myself in the role of the dummy! Hopefully I can reach a few people who would love to learn to sew but have not the first clue how and are thrown off by tricksy words like tension and grommets and basting (Isn’t that what you do to a turkey?!). I’m a clumsy girl, never been particularly artistic and definitely not used to being careful or delicate. If can do this, you certainly can. That’s the message!

4. How does my writing process work?

To be honest, my blog is so new that I’m not sure I have a writing process yet! Mostly at the moment I see a cute tutorial or idea, make it, photograph it and show it off! I’m going to try and post weekly about something I’ve made, it probably won’t all be fabric based, I like trying Pinterest ideas and I have bouts of (terrible) baking, mostly after I’ve seen The Great British Bake Off so these will probably make an appearance too! I don’t want to be kept to a schedule but I do like the push of commitment to motivate me, because I am a lazy so-and-sew (ha!).

The blogs I’d like to nominate next week are;

I’d like to nominate some other very new blogs today, Susie was so lovely to welcome me to the blog world through her nomination and I want to share that welcome with blogs I’ve enjoyed seeing get started!

The first is Fabric and Flour.  Rhonda blogs about an excellent mix of fabric crafts and baking, her doughnuts look amazing and I’m super envious of her marvelous cutting table! I’m looking forward to seeing what else she has to share!

The other blog is Attempts at Being a Grown Up. Another new one by a lovely girl who likes making and baking! Alice hooked me with her awesome patchwork skills and her post on her bread capers was hilarious. I definitely recommend checking her blog out, its really down-to-earth and wholesome.

Final words

Thank you all for sticking with me through answering these questions and for visiting my little internet home! I hope you all enjoy the blogs I’ve nominated! A massive thank you to Susie (again) for her nomination, it’s reassuring and encouraging to have received such a nice welcome to crafty blogging!




4 thoughts on “Blog Hoppy Thingy.

  1. Hi Hayley, what a great post and I’m so pleased that you were happy to accept the blog hop nomination. This is a first for me too, participating in a blog hop. It’s turned out fun and a great way to meet new bloggers and learn a bit more about them. I really enjoyed reading yours and thank you for your nominations which I’ve promptly paid a visit to and am now following!! Another couple of great new blogs which I’m sure will go far, just as I’m sure yours will too. I’ve always kept close to my heart the lovely warm welcome I received when I started my blog and it’s something which I now enjoy doing in return. Looking forward to all your future posts Hayley! Love your pics too!

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