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“I Made That!” Monday – This House is a Home

Not too long ago a friend of mine took the plunge and bought a house with her boyfriend. (Scary things, mortgages). I wanted to make her something to celebrate it and scoured the internet until I came across this brilliant tutorial by Retro Mama.

Her cute little house charms are so lovely! They look complex but actually aren’t too complicated and all you really need is to be able to sew in a straight line!

This is my finished hanging house charm!


I’m pretty proud of it! I’m really happy I managed to find fabric with numbers on it for the door number (and even happier that I found the right number for her house, it gives it an even more personalised touch!) The bird decoration was my first stint into embroidery, so I don’t think it turned out too bad (the beak is a bit wonky but hey, no-one’s perfect!)


The “Home Sweet Home” ribbon I found to hang it with is pretty cool too and really brings the whole homey feel together! I really love this little decoration, I’m thinking I might have to make one for myself too!

Notes for Next Time (or Newbies!)

  • The stitch lines around the door and window are a little wibbly and completely imperfect but I kind of like them like that on this. It’s a little rustic and raggedy and hopefully that looks good rather than rubbish. Maybe next time I can try and keep the lines straight?
  • The pieces I used for the door/window/chimney etc were so teeny tiny that I could have used from scraps of other things instead of cutting new fat quarters to get them. This is probably common sense but something that didn’t occur to me until afterwards! I have loads of scraps that could be used for bits like this because what you need is so small.
  • Speaking of these pieces being so small, this project is a little bit finnicky and delicate as you’re working with such little fabric, but don’t be alarmed. I’m possibly the clumsiest person ever and I still managed it. You can too!

Happy Sewing!



5 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – This House is a Home

    1. Thank you Susie! Yes I think so too, I need to stop being so critical of my straight lines! Glad you think the tips are useful, It’s always nice to have something to offer people that might help! 🙂


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