Weekly Small Pleasures

Weekly Small Pleasures! *1*

This is my first time participating in my newly chosen blog event (Thanks Daily Post!) to share my Weekly Small Pleasures, set up by Mani at A New Life Wandering!


So what made me happy this week?

WP Taylor

1. Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off. I love this song. I love the video. I love that it just makes me want to dance whenever I hear it. It’s always a pick-me-up every time I hear it. I love that it looks like she’s having so much fun in the video. I love that she’s sort of dorky about it. I put this on my iPod this week and I’ve not stopped shaking it all week. I love this song, have I said that already?

WP Bake off

2. The final of The Great British Bake Off was this week. When I got back from Berlin Friday evening the first things I did were put a load of washing on and then sit down to catch up on GBBO. I kid you not. I’ve been in awe of this show from the beginning, a baking competition that’s gripped the nation by storm, it’s so…British. Brilliant. I’m going to be a little lost on Wednesday nights now, however will I occupy myself if not avidly watching cakes rise?

WP apples

3. Cute complementary apples that were just…hung(?) on the wall of our hotel in Berlin this week! I’ve never seen anything like this before and it made me so happy! Plus the little have a nice st(d)ay pinged all my wordplay happy buttons! How lovely!

That’s what made me happy this week! Follow the Weekly Small Pleasures tag to see what made other people happy this week too!



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