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“I Made That!” Monday – Orderly Organising Fabric Basket

This weekend I’ve been despairing of my cluttered fabrics. I wanted to make something new but every time I looked in my fabric drawer it was a total mess. Partly because I rifle through it and leave it all a mess, but also because it’s a hodgepodge of different sizes and colours and teeny scraps all wrapped up in my metres of newer fabric. It’s horrible and so inefficient.  I don’t want to be wasteful cutting bits off of the big pieces if there’s an offcut of that pattern/something appropriate in a smaller size hidden away somewhere!

Basket 1

So I decided to organise it all by categories of size (Large, fat quarter size, small-but-still-reasonable sized and teensy-scraps-I’m-too-stubborn-to-get-rid-of).

Then I looked for ways to keep them separate. For my tiny scraps I have started to hold them together with clips. After some shifting around I now have separate drawers for my large and medium sized pieces. Then I found this tutorial from Maevy’s Corner for a little fabric basket! A new make and a way to organise myself. Awesome!

basket 2

basket 3

Initially I wanted the outside shown to be on the inside. The cute more-subtle quilted side was meant to be on the outside but when I tried to put it together it just looked wrong. I guess the really bright pink of the polka dots was too much to be relegated to lining fabric. Now it’s all put together I’m happy with it though!

Notes for Next Time (or Newbies!)

  • My hand sewing it all to the base is a little sketchy, I usually use the machine for everything and I didn’t really realise how shocking I was at simply hand sewing two things together. It may be a bit feeble but I’m looking at it in terms of now I’m aware of something I really need to practice at! Plus sitting quietly and hand sewing the sides to the bottom was quite therapeutic so I’m going to focus on improving that!
  • The sides are a little bit plaintive. I think I needed more stable interfacing or padding or both. I’m only putting fabric in it and so it’s fine for me but if you wanted something more sturdy, it’d be good to experiment with stronger interfacing or even sticking some card in the sides to keep them straight.
  • The big lacy ribbon to tie on bows seemed like a cute idea at the time of making, but now I look at it all together the ribbon is so big you lose some of the shape and style of the bows. Use thinner ribbon for more distinction!

PM collage fabric basket

This is how my fabric looks now. It’s still not perfect (I don’t think it will be until I have my very own room with shelves and shelves of space for colour-organising – a girl can dream!) but I’m happy that I can at least asses what size of fabric I need and go for the appropriate stash! Plus sorting it all out has highlighted to me just how much I have. Unless I’m needing a massive length for some reason, I shouldn’t be buying any more for a while! (Let’s face it, I will though.)

Do you have fabric stash issues? How do you organise yours?



3 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Orderly Organising Fabric Basket

  1. Nice make on Monday! I always have stash display issues. I’m coveting the time when mountain man will get rid of all his CDs and DVDs and I can take over the Ikea CD storage units we have. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that he won’t give those up any time soon!

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  2. I bought a beautifully woven round basket not too long ago and intended to make a liner for it, but…
    My mother always said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
    The basket now holds books and not sewing supplies like I wanted it to.

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