Weekly Small Pleasures

Weekly Small Pleasures! *2*

This week I was off sick from work, got scratched up by my mum’s new kitten and had general post-holiday blues. But there was plenty to make me happy too, so led by Mani at A New Life Wandering and her post for this week, here are my weekly small pleasures.


So what made me smile this week?

WP flowers

1. These flowers that The Boy came home with for me while I was off work with severe man-flu. They brightened my day and my living room and are lasting really well. They were just what I needed feeling snotty and sore-throated. I guess sometimes boys can be lovely!

WP logo

2. This new logo for my blog that I designed on a lazy-day this weekend! You can also see it up there in pride of place on my header. I like it, I think it’s simple but also speaks to what I’m about. I don’t know if it still needs some tweaking but I’m happy for now, what do you all think? Does it work in the header like that or did it look better before with the Hemmingway Rewritten style title?

WP hoodie

3. This guy’s hoodie – randomly seen in a bus queue, talk about snapping things I see –  literally made me laugh out loud when I read it! Sometimes I think “funny” slogans on T-shirts are cheesy but I liked this one, maybe it’s the biology connotations. The scientist in me can’t help but smile.

That’s what made me happy this week! Follow the Weekly Small Pleasures tag to see what made other people happy this week too!



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