Weekly Small Pleasures

Weekly Small Pleasures! *3*

The smallest things can make a person happy. Weekly Small Pleasures is a blog event hosted by Mani at A New Life Wandering, in which we share those little things that have made our weeks.


So what made me smile this week?


1. Mini carrot-cupcakes! This week I wanted to make a carrot cake. I got to the point of about to bake my mix before realising I couldn’t find my round cake tins. Anywhere. At all. So in a fit of fancy, I decided to see how it would turn out in cake cases instead. The answer is pretty well! They look a little homemade but I love them! (plus they actually are homemade so that’s fine!). They tasted lush, which is the only thing that counts. Macgyver baking sucess!


2. This episode of Don’t Tell The Bride. The Boy’s Real Life name is Ian. For anyone that doesn’t know, Don’t Tell The Bride is a TV show that sees grooms given a bunch of money and planning their big days entirely on their own with no input from the brides. This episode made me double-take and then laugh uncontrollably for ages. 

P.S. No underwater weddings for me. No. 


3. On going through my archives of photos I found this picture of myself from 2007. I love it. It’s still amazing to me that this was seven years ago when I was seventeen. It feels like a lifetime. This is one of those photos that you hate at the time, oh god no, delete it, but now that I see it back now, I think it’s awesome. I’m so happy. It’s nice to remind myself that I’ve had a good life so far!

That’s three things that made me happy this week. To see what made other people’s weeks a happier place, check out the Weekly Small Pleasures tag!



5 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures! *3*

  1. I agree, I loved all three things. Those cupcakes do look good, that show sounds really funny, I can’t believe brides like that exist haha, and I loved the picture because you’re right about how perspective changes overtime. Thanks for sharing this week!


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