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“I Made That!” Monday – Halloween Edition (2014)


This year I had a real lack-of-imagination issue over what to dress up in when we’re out for Halloween. My friends and I don’t have a set theme this time round and it threw me for a loop. What could I be? I want to make something, but I don’t want to go too overboard…

So I did what I always do when I need a creativity boost – I browsed Pinterest.

Eventually I found it. Inspiration, in the form of this for-sale costume of a creepy rag-doll. I could be creative, but also conservative. To make one myself all I’d need would be a dress, apron, tights (which I already had) and fake blood – naturally, because it is Halloween. So I bought a cheap dress and made a scrappy apron out two pillowcases (upcycling and following my own pattern / design? I am so proud of myself! Although it turned out a bit weird around the middle!).


I added black lace ribbon around the whole bottom section of the apron, as well as two lace-ribbon ties on the top half, to be able to tie in place around my neck. I’m really pleased with myself for being comfortable enough with sewing this up to be able to add decoration off-the-cuff like this.

The final product is a little sloppy, especially around the middle, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think to myself this is going to get covered in fake blood, be wrecked on a night out and then thrown away, I don’t really care about my lines.

Oh and I’d need a wig.

This is the bit I was most excited about. I found this amazing tutorial on how to make a rag-doll-style wig of your own and it was so easy. Amazing. So I bought some red wool and got on with it!


I love wigs. I think they’re probably one of my favourite things about dressing up. Different hair changes you so completely that they’re good additions to any costume. The pigtails will hopefully look good, although I have no idea how to hide my actual hair underneath them. Has anyone got any advice?

I like the finished look of my costume! I cut into the arms and bottom of the dress, which looks good and raggedy, and I also thought about slashes in the dress itself, but I’m quite self-conscious and I don’t want a little rip in the bodice to end up with my chest out at the end of the night. Maybe I’ll slash up the apron a bit instead.

The only problem is, it looks too clean at the minute, but the fake blood fades and looks naff after a couple of days so I have to wait to add it on Hopefully it’ll look creepy when I’ve bloodied up and done a full pale-creepy-ragdoll face of makeup.

Notes for Next Time (Or Newbies!)

  • I tried to use top-stitching the long centre piece (the tie straps) to attach the top and bottom bits of the apron. It sort of failed. All my pieces turned out really well, it was just putting them together that got a little sloppy. My lines are a bit wonky and I think I veered way too far from the edge of the seam for top stitching, leaving the sides of the centre band to fold in slightly.
  • I enjoyed drawing out my own pattern for this, and it didn’t turn out too badly either!
  • It’s Halloween, have fun! Your costumes don’t have to be perfect, that’s part of the beauty of them.


Do you have Halloween costume ideas for this year? Are you trying a homemade costume? I’d love to hear what creative things everyone is getting up to for this wicked weekend!



10 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Halloween Edition (2014)

  1. It looks great – your sewing confidence is increasing in leaps and bounds 🙂 Hope there will be pics of you all dressed up? For hiding your hair, maybe try it in two low pigtails, like the wig, but pinned into little buns to hide it underneath? I’m a bit of a wig novice so you may get some better advice than this!!

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    1. Thank you! I’ll definitely post a follow-up post with pictures of the final costume! And I’ll definitely try that! It sounds like a good plan for hiding it behind the pigtails, thanks for the idea! 🙂


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