Thinky Thoughts

Thinky Thoughts… on Trick or Treating!


Happy Halloween, you ghosts and ghoulies. Today I thought it was appropriate to discuss a popular facet of this spooky holiday: Trick or Treating.

Honestly, what’s your view of Trick or Treating? Is it prevalent where you live? It seems to be exploding in popularity here in the UK even when compared to when I was of acceptable age in the 90’s. Shops are exploding with naff plastic accessories and decorations, even though I literally don’t know of anyone that decorates their place for Halloween. Who are these people driving up Wilkinson’s profits on plastic spiders?

While I’m all for going out and drinking my cares away covered in fake blood – who doesn’t like an excuse to go dancing in fancy dress? – I’ve never been a big fan of Trick or Treating. Here’s why:

I’ve probably got a biased view, because I was never allowed to go. My mother had the very rigid opinion that it was basically going out and bugging neighbours, or begging. That’s what she called it, no you can’t go out and beg people for sweets or money, that’s rude. I can see the reasoning and understand it. I said over at Still Life With Grad Student on Alex’s post about Halloween that it’s an enormous contradiction that for this one night kids are actively encouraged to approach and take stuff from strangers. Mixed messages much? I also think threatening a ‘trick’ is close to blackmail at some times by certain kids – who are getting more and more ballsy as years go by. She’s had threats to egg the house or smash windows or other, worse vandalism – that I won’t repeat – if we don’t hand over treats, even with a ‘No Trick or Treaters‘ sign on the door.

I think taking it to that extreme is definitely out of order, it’s supposed to be fun, but there are always going to be people who can’t – or don’t want to – get involved, and they shouldn’t feel unsafe or pressured into spending money they might not have in order to appease the masses.


But for those who are happy to join in the creepy celebrations it’s harmless fun and a nice activity for kids. Thinking up costume ideas is an awesome way to get a creative, for adults and kids alike. I had so much fun putting together my Halloween costume this Monday! What are you dressing up as this year?

However you are (or aren’t!) enjoying Halloween this weekend, have a good one!



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