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Weekly Small Pleasures! *4* (Incl. Follow-up on my Halloween costume!)

This week was Halloween! There was plenty to make me happy, I love the surge of creativity when making a costume – and let’s face it, I’ll never turn down an opportunity to have a few drinks and dance around in fancy dress! So, hosted by Mani at A New Life Wandering, here are my three Weekly Small Pleasures!


So what made me smile this week?

My Halloween costume for 2014!

1. My Halloween costume for this year! I went to an all-nighter (from which I left at 1.30am tired but satisfied. What’s this getting older thing I’m doing?) at Rock City in my awesome creepy rag doll costume I made on Monday. I loved my costume. I got several compliments on my wig (which I am very proud to say stayed safely in place all night) and a drunk creeper stroking it and asking what shampoo I use…

All in all, the costume was a hit! Although getting all that makeup off at 2am wasn’t easy!

2. This song. They played this song while I was out in fancy dress and it was a perfect moment. What a flashback. I’ve loved this song since I first heard it, it makes me think of teenage-me dancing around my bedroom. Get retro and listen to it!

WP chocoorange

3. This week I had my very first chocolate orange. Upon learning that I’d never had one before, The Boy bought it for me. I was dismayed to learn that I’d missed out on nearly 25 years of orangey-chocolatey goodness. I’ve been shown the Terry’s light now though. Yum.

Those are the three things that made me smile this week! Follow the Weekly Small Pleasures tag to see what made others happy too!



12 thoughts on “Weekly Small Pleasures! *4* (Incl. Follow-up on my Halloween costume!)

  1. Love it! Your costume was pretty cool! And I The Offspring is a total flashback for me too, I definitely owned the album as a teenager.
    I’ve never heard of that chocolate orange! I’m not a fan of those two flavor combinations but that presentation looks really cool 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! I’m going to have to see if I can dig out my old album, got a musical craving for The Offspring now!
      I know, it doesn’t sound particularly appetising to me either – probably why it took me so long to try it in the first place! – but it was actually delicious 🙂


  2. I LOVE your costume! I am so impressed by people who can do costume make-up well! Yours looks/looked awesome!
    I was pretty lazy this year and just threw on a Star Trek uniform. Everyone was SO impressed they got to meet the captain of a starship. 😉

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