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“I Made That!” Monday – Draw Me Like One Of Those Cute Bags, Jack.

(Sorry for the title, I had to.)

At the moment I’m still dedicated to Christmas presents. I know it’s pretty early but I’m a worrier. I’m one of those people who will stress out about getting everybody’s gifts (and getting good ones is another story) in time and not enjoy the build up to Christmas because of it. So I like to get my gifts sorted around November time so that when Christmas really hits, I can sit back and feel festive without the worry.

In that vein, I’m still on the homemade-christmas-presents train. Last time I had such trouble – check out that disaster! – with boxing the corners of a square bottom bag/pouch (rather than the rather stressful zip that I was worried about). I decided I needed more practice at those – because who said I can’t develop my own skills while working on presents for others? – instead first.

So I took a step back from the zips and instead tried a cute drawstring back, ala this tutorial right here. It’s written in Norwegian but it speaks to the well-photographed stages that I managed to follow it perfectly well regardless.


I tried the cutting-the-corners-off-before-sewing-them method again as I still think it’s simpler (for me) than doing it after it’s all sewn together. Personally I prefer sewing up a gap – I can see what needs sewing – than just sewing a chunk off the corner. Maybe I’ll have to try the other method again later to get some practice in. It might come more easily to me then.

What methods do you use to box corners? I’d love you to comment and help me out with this mental block I seem to have!


The corners did turn out much better this time! Although I’m still not sure what I did differently, other than not take too much off I guess! I need to sit down and work out the maths of how much fabric each 1″ square uses up in the box corner.

Regardless, I’m happy with the result! I used related ribbon for the strings instead of sewing up a thin strip of fabric as it was a bit stronger and I think it goes nicely.

To make it a nice present I decided to turn this little bag into a fountain of goodies – I won’t say who for, though it’s unlikely they read this blog! – and bought a range of nail accessories and whatnot to put inside:


I think it makes a pretty nice gift overall. I like combining the bought presents with homemade – just in case the homemade doesn’t go down so well!

Notes for Next Time (Or Newbies!)

  • I top-stitched pretty far away from the edge of the bag (again, I did this before with the waist strap on my Halloween costume). This ends up looking a bit strange with the stitches put in around the string-channel. I need to work on my top stitching clearly. I think I’m nervous to go really close to the edge of the fabric, as evidenced in the sewing-on of the pocket too, it’s something that I’m going to have to get over being scared of!
  • The inside of the bag turned out pretty good too! There’s some puckers in the lining fabric – it inside bagended up bigger than the outside fabric even though I’m sure I cut them to the same size and used the same seam allowance, odd? – Is there a good way to deal with this rather than – like I did – just steamroller over and sew it anyway?


Hopefully this will go down nicely as a present! What’s been your favourite homemade gift to give / receive? I’m having trouble thinking up things for the men in my life, I find it much easier to make things for women!


8 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Draw Me Like One Of Those Cute Bags, Jack.

  1. I’m with LifestyleswithLia – though I can thread a needle and even sew with it (as she probably can too!). It’s just that I don’t ever actually (get round to/ make time to) do any actual sewing! Seeing your new makes each Monday is really inspiring. What gorgeous Christmas gifts your family/friends will be getting this year.

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s wonderful to hear that I’m inspiring even one person’s creativity! It gives me a renewed blogging vigour! I’d be excited to see what you came up with if you did get around to doing some! I really hope they like the presents! 🙂


  2. Cutesies! For your lining issue, I think you should reduce the margin by half an inch or so, because if you’ve cut them the same size and one fabric is thicker than the other, they won’t fit together just right. Think matryoshka dolls.

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