Harry Potter Moment of The Week

Harry Potter Moment of the Week – Weasley, Weasley, on the Wall

Today’s Harry Potter Moment of the Week from Uncorked Thoughts – one of the best blog events ever! – is Which Weasley Would You Be?


Oh the Weasleys! How to pick between you! Heroic Bill, Cheeky Charlie, Prefect Percy, Troublesome twins. I’d love you to be my brothers, but none of you speak to my personality.


If I had to pick, it’d definitely be between Ron and Ginny.

Before anyone hates on Ginny – as it seems some people are wont to do – don’t. I never understood the Ginny hate or horrible slut-shaming that seems to surround her. The girl gets some snogging done, so what?  Those haters – like Ron – clearly need to do more of it, if that upsets them so much. (By the way, let’s gloss over how much I hate the word snog. It sounds like a sea monster or like someone being swallowed alive or something.)

Ginny is nothing but a badass. Can she help it that Harry spent most of that one book fantasising about her and making us readers wish he’d get back to the little matter of, oh I don’t know, saving the world from an evil dictator? No, she can’t.

What she can do – and does, is support Harry and the DA unwaveringly, stop bullies being mean to Luna and hold her stuff together when people are dying around her. What she does, is fight and rebel and live fiercely. Which I think is awesome.

If you were to ask me which Weasley I want to be, I’d probably say Ginny. If you were asking me which I am mostly like, I think I’d say Ron.

I identify with Ron, in a way. I’ve frequently felt like the dud in a group of friends that are all fantastic in their own way, being the ordinary, unable to see my own fantastical side through a warped self-view, struggling to be seen and valued on my own.

It’s okay though, because he – and I – have learnt that we are amazing. That we don’t need to be The Chosen One or the Smartest Girl In School to be brilliant in our own right. We’re the heart.


Weasley is our King!



2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week – Weasley, Weasley, on the Wall

  1. I’m such a fan of everyone in this family, but I totally agree with wanting to be Ginny, while perhaps not being exactly like her. I definitely don’t have her athletic skills, but I love the way she supports her friends. And I have to appreciate the way she doesn’t complain about not always being a part of the inner circle. She just gets it done. And Ron is great too. I don’t mesh with him quite the same as you do, but he’s still a fantastic character. He has so much more going for him than he is fully able to see. Great choices!! I picked Molly for my HP MOTW!

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    1. Agree with you definitely, the whole family is amazing! I think you’re right about Ginny not complaining and getting down to it, that’s also something I really liked about her! Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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