Weekly Small Pleasures

Weekly Small Pleasures! *6*

Weekly Small Pleasures is a blog event hosted by the lovely Mani over at A New Life Wandering. Each week she invites us to share the little things that made us happy during the week! It’s awesome.


So what made me happy this week?

parmesan chicken board

1. Trying a new recipe. This week we decided to branch out a bit (we are typically boring midweek eaters, so this was branching out for us!) and recreate this recipe for Stuffed Chicken Parmesan that I found browsing on Pinterest! It was such a success and so yummy. Definitely inspired me to try more new things in the kitchen!

2. Discovering that McBusted have released the first single of their debut album. God did I love both Busted and Mcfly as a tween, so to hear that they were joining to form a supergroup gave me all the wibbly teenage feelings. They’re such a Proud Pleasure for me! (and thank you so much to A Voluptuous Mind for coining such a perfect phrase, I really hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it!) Listening to this song is like listening to liquid nostalgia, even though it’s new. I will definitely be asking for their album for Christmas and I don’t care if you judge me.


3. Visiting family. This weekend The Boy and I are away visiting family! I hope I figured out the scheduling thing right and this post (and the one yesterday too!) have gone up on the correct days – I’m cheating and currently writing this on Friday night! – if they haven’t and they’re all posted on Monday in a smush, I do apologise!

We don’t see this particular group of extended family much, so it’s all exciting and it will hopefully be a lovely weekend!

What made you smile a bit this week? Check out Mani’s original post and follow the Weekly Small Pleasures tag to read other people’s happy moments this week!

Happy Sunday!



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