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“I Made That!” Monday – Cute Curtain Ties

As I mentioned in my Weekly Small Pleasures post yesterday (if my post scheduling worked out!), this weekend The Boy and I have been away visiting family. This hasn’t given me much time to get creative for this week’s Monday Make but I thought I’d just share a small idea I had a while ago that came to cute fruition.

When we moved into the new flat it was furnished with nice cream linen curtains. Simple and sweet. They just lacked one thing: something to tie them back with. I’m a big fan of getting up in the morning, making my bed and opening curtains. It makes me feel like the day has properly begun. so I really wanted curtain ties.

After browsing Pinterest – which was, for once, not my friend, it kept showing me ornamental or vintage-style rails to screw into the wall which I can’t do in our rented apartment – I did come across this adorable tutorial on a bunting themed cosmetic bag. I didn’t need a cosmetic bag, but I do love bunting, as I’ve shared before!

(The cosmetics bag tutorial is awesome too, so I’d advise checking it out. However I just borrowed the general design idea for my ties!)curtain ties 2

After the success of planning and making my draught excluder I wanted to try and come up with these myself too. They were pretty simple to plan but I’m still proud that I managed to get the Velcro bits in the right place and that my lines are relatively straight – there aren’t any majorly wonky edges around the outside!

PicMonkey Collage curtian tie

They look really nice on our curtains and give a little bit of colour to something that could be seen as a little plain!

Notes for Next Time (Or Newbies!)

  • The fabric for the ties is a slightly different shade of cream to the curtains. It’s not really noticeable, but I think if I do something like this again I’ll make sure to check that the colours are totally the same!
  • I used some random scraps of fabric for the bunting triangles, previously I’d put fabric in a small IMG_2061heart-shaped picture frame hanger that I’d been gifted (it was a bit too small for photographs but the fabric looked nice on the walls!) so I tried to match the bunting fabric to the ones I’d used in this to coordinate the room a little more.
  • This was the first time I’d tried a proper zig-zag stitch and I’m still undecided on how I feel about the results. The lines are a little uneven but that was the look I was going for with the rest of the design so it ties in and can’t be noticed!
  • The whole design is a little lopsided and scrappy and imperfect and I really like that look! It’s a little more homemade looking and it also means I don’t have to drive myself crazy stressing over perfectly straight lines. I’ll have to look into what else in this vain I can attempt!

curtain ties

Have you gotten creative this week? You’re welcome to compensate for my smaller post by sharing what you Made on Monday!



5 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Cute Curtain Ties

  1. So sweet! I never used to be a big bunting fan but am definitely coming round now. Just the word “bunting” makes me smile. So very British. Makes me crave a nice Devonshire Tea…

    In related news, I’m totally baking scones tomorrow. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I need to be careful that my entire apartment doesn’t end up covered in bunting because I just love it haha. I wouldn’t mind but I think The Boy would object. It is very British!
      Ooh! Enjoy your scones, I hope they come out lovely! 🙂


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