Building My Own Opportunity Door

I admit, I have a little book of inspirational quotes that I look through when I need to be… well. Inspired. Sometimes I have those days where you look around you and think, what the hell am I doing? I need someone to reinforce my upbeat outlook. I need some positivity.

I get out my book of quotes, flip to a random page and see…

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – Milton Berle

Something strikes me. I feel guilty. I feel like it’s directly speaking to a portion of my life I’m not completely happy with.

I’ve been a bit lost in the land of employment. I’ve spoken before about how I feel about my current predicament, but what am I doing to rectify that?

The answer is, shamefully, not much. I jobhunt. Oh boy do I jobhunt. I look through so many, usually for a good half-hour a day. I actually even find some I think I might be able to do. I email them to myself.

And then I do nothing. I keep them stuck in my inbox and procrastinate until they expire and then I delete them.


It’s almost sort of a block for me. I can’t bring myself to actually apply. Maybe it’s self-confidence, who’d want to hire me anyway.

Well no-one will if you don’t apply, idiot.

I am a bad kind of hyprocrite, I whine and moan about my job and then make very little effort to find something new to do.

After months of soul searching and asking myself what do I want to do? I’ve decided that the answer will not come from my navel, or my overcrowded inbox. In fact, it is most likely to come from just…doing something. Anthing.

Opportunity is not just going to spontaneously appear and ring my bell. I’m going to have to build my own door.

So I took a sledgehammer and bashed out a few bricks this week. Meaning, of course, that I applied for some new jobs. Nothing will may not come from them (I’m not confident. Shut up Hayley.), but I’m on my way and my door is started.

Now I’m going to work on making it big enough to walk through.

Also, a tip for everyone I bloody know:


So when have you had to make your own opportunities happen?



2 thoughts on “Building My Own Opportunity Door

  1. As a SAHM, I keep wanting to find employment where I can work from home but at the same time keep expecting the opportunity to fall into my lap without any effort on my part >.< I think it's time I actually started looking instead of just complaining about it :p

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