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“I Made That!” Monday – Spectacle Receptacle.

This week I wanted to make a bag.

Then I read a couple lot of tutorials and chickened out. I decided to start small and make a mini-bag of sorts for my glasses case.

Recently I’ve had to start wearing glasses for the first time ever. It’s been difficult to get my head around the idea that I actually need to wear them as I’ve never had to and I keep forgetting. 

I have a hard-cover case that’s well…


… not very glamorous, to say the least.

I hunted around for some kind of fix to my incredibly boring navy blue problem and eventually decided to fiddle with and adapt the idea of a sunglasses case. As I wasn’t going to be able to make something secure enough to actually protect my – unwantedly expensive  – specs, I’d settle for a cute holder that I can just slip the whole hardcover shebang into.

I didn’t want a zip, and I thought it was about time I tried to sew a button onto something I’ve made and not just for the practice of sewing on buttons, so eventually I ended up with this magical amalgamation of different ideas I liked.

glasses case 3-2

I used a red flower-style button to match the cute fabric and then for the flap I just used some plain cream linen (left lying around from my curtain ties last week!), so it didn’t look too busy with patterns.

collage glasses case

Inside is obviously polka dots. I seem to use dotty fabric for all linings and insides. I think it’s really cute, maybe I should stop even trying to do something different and just adopt dotty linings as my homemade calling card of sorts.

Notes for Next Time

  • I think my elastic sewn into the bottom seam is slightly off-centre. i did measure it when I pinned it in place but it shifted during the sewing and I didn’t rectify it. It’s not a big deal but I’d like to make sure it was definitely centred if I was to make another one.
  • I only used light padding for the inside of the case. To be honest I didn’t think padding was necessary at all as I would be storing the hard-cover case in there but I thought it might be nice if it could double as a sunglasses case too (I don’t wear expensive sun glasses at all, light padding is more than enough. If it were for housing expensive sunglasses it’d probably be better to use thicker padding or foam or thick felt or something of that ilk.
  • My top stitching is slowly getting better! The top stitch around the button flap I am quite proud of, it’s mostly straight and much closer to the edge than my previous efforts. I did have a bit of a top stitch meltdown around the opening of the case, as you may be able to see by the awful picture, I’m – braving up and – stitching much closer to the edge, but it went completely haywire and wonky. Oops!

glasses case 6

  • I sewed the button onto the flap after I’d sewn together the outside and the lining sections of the flap. As a result you can see the stitching holding the button on the inside of the flap. Again, it’s not a major ugly issue but if making it again I’d like to attach the button inside the two layers so it’s all neat and clean.

glasses case 1-2

Now my glasses have a cute little home that makes me feel a little bit happier about my dwindling eyesight. Excellent!

So what have you made this Monday? Feel free to share your creativity!



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