Sharing is Caring: Excellent Embroidery Tutorials

For the new-this-year niece and nephew I’m making name-embroidered Christmas stockings. They’re so cute so far (to toot my own horn – will share later on) and I wanted to share a resource that has been resoundingly helpful.

Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials, while new to me, may be well known, but I wanted to sing it’s praises anyway. Sarah is so good at taking you through each of the stitches carefully and has pictures that are really easy to understand and follow. She’s also awesome enough to offer suggestion on when each stitch would look good and different pattern combinations etc.63100-1009-3ww-l

While I’ve only used the basic stitches for the names embroidered on my stockings, I’ll definitely be going back for more expertise and tutorials post-Christmas to get my embroidery on!



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