NaBloPoMo · Weekly Small Pleasures

Weekly Small Pleasures! *8*

This weekend has come around so fast! It’s time for Weekly Small Pleasures; an awesome blog event where Mani at A New Life Wandering hosts a communal sharing of the things that gave us a little smile during the past seven days.


So what made me happy this week?


1. Going out for dinner at Las Iguanas. I don’t eat out too often so each meal is a treat. Plus I had quesadillas and sweet potato fries. Yum!


2. Finishing NaBloPoMo! It’s the end of November and I made it! Hurrah! I’m proud of myself for having the commitment to do something like this, although I won’t say I’m not pleased to return to procrastinating a bit on posts and stepping away from the computer!

photo 1

3. A crafty glitter-and-glue morning with my Goddaughter. My friends and I made Christmas coasters with her (she got distracted after a little bit, we didn’t) and it was a lovely morning. I love that kid, every time I see her is a delight.

So that’s what made my week. What are some of your weekly small pleasures from the last couple days? Check out the tag or Mani’s post to read more people’s happy things!



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