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“I Made That!” Monday – Christmassy Snowglobe Jars

First: Trouble with a capital T.

Today I wanted to post about Christmas stockings that I’m making for the niece and nephew. However I sat down at my machine yesterday and started to sew the second together…

…when there was an almighty grinding and weird loud noise and the bobbin case was yanked out of place into crunchy bad-noise territory by rogue threads. It scared the crap out of me. I re-set everything up and tried again. Again my bobbin case flew out and everything got tangled up. Oh boy. Was I in for a long morning.

This went on. And on. 

By the end of yesterday I’d taken everything out and cleaned it to within an inch of it’s life and this stopped happening. However today when I tried to finish off, I noticed that I was still having issues with the top thread being visible on the bottom side of the fabric.

Nothing I did helped. I cleaned everything (again), I changed needle and threads (multiple times) and went through every single number on the tension dial. But nothing happened. Even on the highest tension setting, you can still see my top thread on the bottom side. I don’t know what’s wrong and my manufacturer’s helpline is a bloody expensive number to call.

So…any ideas anyone?

Image originally here

In less sad news, I did get to try my hand at non-sewing creativity to cheer myself up about the thready problems. I was researching (on Pinterest, naturally) homemade Christmas decoration ideas (yes, it’s getting to that time!) and found these cute homemade snow-globes-out-of-jars.

They’re super easy to make and the tutorial is really helpful too, although maybe I should have listened carefully to how much glitter to put in the jars. I just went ooh glitter, I love glitter, put in ALL THE GLITTER.


So much so that my snow globes look like mini exploded glitter factories. I still like them though. The centre pieces are actually plastic cake-toppers I found in the baking aisle of a discount shop, they look really good!

snowglobes 4

Notes for Next Time

  • Not as much glitter!
  • Make sure your centre pieces are actually big enough to go into the jar and have the lid closed shut around them otherwise you glue them on and then find this out and have to pull them off and start again. (Not that I did that or anything…)

Hopefully I can figure out the problem and get back to sewing at some point this week, I feel like I’ve lost my favourite book or something to that ilk. Sad times. Snowglobes 3

At least I can give these cute things a shake to make me smile!



11 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Christmassy Snowglobe Jars

  1. I wish I could help with your sewing machine but have no idea:( I hope it’ll get working soon so you can continue with yr masterpieces!
    The snow globes are lovely and look easy to do. I’m not the best crafter but they look doable and adorable!

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  2. Most sewing machines have an additional tension adjustment for the bobbin. This is most likely in the form of a teeny, tiny screw which may or may not fit the tiny screwdriver that comes with your machine. Have a look in the bobbin region of your machine and see if you can see and access it and play with that tension adjustment a little. In most cases a slight bobbin tension adjustment is all that is needed. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you so much for your advice! I looked at the bobbin tension adjustment, but it was painted over, which was weird, but I’ve read that this is common in most of the newer Brother models. I’d like to say I figured out what was wrong, but I came to it one day this week and it was back to working normally. How odd and strange. I will bear your suggestion in mind if I ever have this problem again in future though! Thanks again! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yeah that’s the conclusion I came to, although my bottom thread tension adjustment is ‘locked’ by being painted over. I thought about scraping it away and adjusting it anyway but it randomly righted itself after a few days of me leaving it alone in a huff. Maybe it just needed a rest. Very strange! Thanks for your help though! 🙂

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  3. Love your snow globes! So sorry to hear about your machine playing up. Nightmare!! Yes, I was going to suggest the bobbin tension too. Also, check needle condition, try brand new one. Make sure you use the same thread for needle and bobbin. Re-thread a new bobbin. That’s all I can think of just now.

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