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“I Made That!” Christmas Eve Craftiness

If you – like me – looked around your home in the days (or day) before Christmas and thought, there’s just not enough homemade cheer going on, never fear, here I present you four (yes four!), last-minute Christmas crafty ideas that I’ve found and tried out myself, varying in complexity and the time you need to spend on them.

I’ve taken a small blogging break of late. It had something to do with needing a break after NaBloPoMo, then a horrible portion of getting ill, topped with a smidgen of preparing for Christmas. As such I ended up with a much longer absence than I had planned, my apologies!

I return with this; an “I Made That!” post, full of last minute Christmas crafty ideas. See? I’m back in the saddle already.

So here goes!

1. Christmas bunting.

Come on, everyone knows I love bunting, I couldn’t compile this list without mentioning it. I used the same dimensions and directions as I usually do (found on this post about more bunting I made!), pre-bought bias tape and some cute festive fabric!

PicMonkey Collage xmas bunting

As the instructions are dead simple and the bias tape was pre-bought, this project took me two hours at most! (And that’s the longest of today’s recommendations, so you totally have time to get your homemade holiday on before Santa squeezes his way down your chimney!)

xmas bunting 1-2

In the end we didn’t have much space to put my bunting on the ceiling (too full of lights already!) so we pinned it to this wall where we were lacking in decoration, I think it brightens up that corner no end!

Brief Notes for Next Time:

  • I tried to make a cute contrast by sewing the whole thing together with white thread on the red bias tape but I don’t think it quite worked. You can’t see it when it’s on the wall so it doesn’t bother me, but if I consider something like this again I should try and test it out to see if the combinations work or not first!
  • I need to find a better way of doing letters! Sewing around the pinked edges is getting on my nerves and I think it looks a bit messy.

2. Christmas Stockings

This is the other sewing-themed decoration that I’ve tried my hand at lately. As I think I’ve mentioned before I’ve had a new niece and nephew born throughout this year so I decided to make them each a personalised stocking for their first Christmases. I found the pattern and tutorial by Fabricworm over here. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and the whole thing took less than an hour (and that included me embroidering a name on the cuff!).

PicMonkey Collage stockings

I think they’re really cute! I hope they go down well! I also wrapped up presents and put them inside the stockings for added Christmas joy. I’m thinking I’ll knock a couple of these out for The Boy and I this afternoon ready to be hung this evening!

Brief Notes for Next Time:

  • The padding I used was a bit thick and maybe unnecessary for a stocking so next time use felt or thinner padding or no padding at all!

3. Decorated Tea Light Holders

I found the idea for these here, they’re so cute. It’s also way easy. I literally just drew stars and stuff on an empty glass jar with a Tippex pen and wrapped wire around it. Done and adorable!

tea light holder -1

Less than 30 min and I can light them up on my coffee table while watching Santa Claus: The Movie this afternoon!

PicMonkey Collage tealight holders

Brief Notes for Next Time:

  • My stars are a bit sloppy and I sort of attempted snowflakes but they looked more like stars too. They’d look better if I’d have printed out a template and stuck it in the jar to use, like the example on the site but my printer is broken so I improvised!

4. Christmas Bauble Garland

This is by far the simplest, easiest and I think maybe the best of the four suggestions. This tutorial here told me how to create my own strand of baubles in a cute Christmas garland.

These are amazing. All you need are a bunch of baubles, a needle and some ribbon. That’s it and they look so good. 

PicMonkey Collage bauble garland

I made a mini one, partly because I wanted it to go on this smallish cabinet shown here, but also partly because I underestimated how many baubles to use. If you want to do this, get a good load of cheap baubles, it’s a thick garland and you use lots! I also wove bells into mine, which I like because it jingles, but it doesn’t really get much jingle action on our DVD cabinet!

This takes like ten minutes. Tops. And it adds so much to your decoration!

Brief Notes for Next Time:

  • More baubles!
  • Stronger ribbon (mine did start to fray a little being dragged through all those bauble heads

So if you’re missing a little something from your holiday decoration, I hope I’ve helped you come up with something to add! Enjoy a lovely crafty Christmas Eve, and a wonderful Christmas Day.

Much Festive love,
Christmas selfie polaroid for blog


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