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“I Made That!” Monday – Keeping Kindles Safe!

First Monday of 2015, which means the first “I Made That!” Monday of this year! This week I adapted a style of pouch that I’d previously used for a glasses case to fit The Boy’s kindle.

I Made That Monday!

Back when I made my glasses case I really liked the button/elastic combination, so after browsing a bunch of different styles on Pinterest (where else?) I decided to just use that same style and combination, just re-jig the dimensions a bit to fit Kindle proportions.

Collage kindle case

love this old-style bookcase fabric! I bought it off this seller (in case anyone loves it like I do!) on Ebay for mere pennies as a sample, just to try it out and I definitely think I’ll be going back and buying a full metre or so, I want my own Kindle case out of it now!

Maybe I’ll use a wooden button next time! I got some adorable ones for Christmas from my lovely mother!

kindle case books 5

My topstitching is getting better! Although I was still not brave enough to topstitch around the top opening of the case, I did go around the edge of the flap. It’s still a bit crooked but at least is getting closer to the edge of the fabric rather than 2 inches up!
kindle case books 2

Notes for Next Time:

  • Letting you all in on a little secret, this was originally meant for my kindle (which is a classic third generation that you can’t get anymore I’m such a Kindle hipster!) but it ended up too small! I really thought I’d gotten the dimensions right for it but apparently not. Luckily enough for me it’s the perfect size for The Boy’s newer (smaller) device. I need to figure out where I went wrong with measurements as I am sure I stayed in my allocated seam allowances! I don’t think I allowed for the thickness of the device, just the width and height.
  • I don’t know which was too big, but there was some slight discrepancy in size of the outer pouch and the lining, resulting in the two large puckers on the back of the final product. You can see this on the picture earlier on in the post!
  • Be brave and start topstitching your final products!

Hope you all had a lovely New Year!

So have you made something this Monday?



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