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“I Made That!” Monday – Cushions Galore

For Christmas I was gifted Sewing Machine Basics by Jane Bolsover, I really like this book! Not only does it teach you basic and necessary skills but each section focuses on a new skill, like hems, gathering and zips, with increasingly challenging projects to work on at the end of each section featuring the skill you have learnt.

It’s a neat book, but I do feel that the projects ramp up in difficulty pretty quickly, so I’ve raised my eyebrows and decided I’m not ready for the later sections yet, but the first is one I can get behind.

Cushions! And not even cushions with a scary zip but an envelope style thing where the cushion is neatly inserted between two back panels.

I love cushions.


I would have an entire room of cushions if I could. So this project was all up in my happy place.


This was my first one. I made it for a very dear friend of mine for Christmas, to give her a little bit extra on top of what I had already bought her. The fabric is sooooo cute, and I really like how the ribbon breaks it up. I may have deliberated for a couple of minutes over whether to give it to it’s intended recipient or to keep it myself, but in the end I did gift it.

I have a little of the fabric left (although not enough to make me my own cushion sadly!) so I’m excited to do something else with it as well. I adore it. Possibly a make-up/toiletries bag or something similar!

It was so simple to complete one cushion cover I just had to make another one!

With some fabric I was also gifted for Christmas (I was a lucky girl this year, my mum took the new sewing hobby and ran with it!) I decided to make another one.


How lovely is this?! I think it’s beautiful. Hot air balloons are all retro-y and awesome. It was just asking to be a cushion.


This one turned out well too! (I think it might be a bit wonky on the top side but it’s hard to tell with a cushion in it, so that’s alright!) It looks so nice on our plain sofa and brings a bit of pattern. Excellent!

Notes for Next Time:

  • I can’t express how easy I found this project, I would recommend it to all newbies and beginners like me. It literally consists of hemming and straight stitches all around the outsides. Go for it.

    The makings of an envelope cushion.
  • Don’t skimp on the hemming. Because I made the second cover straight after the first, I had a pique of laziness and decided to try and fold the hem over willy nilly and freehand instead of measuring, ironing and securing it. Don’t do this! Pretty sure that’s where most of my wonk came from. Just come back to it in a bit when you’re feeling less can’t-be-bothered.


In conclusion: cushions. All of the cushions!

What did you make this Monday?



9 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Cushions Galore

    1. Thank you! It’s such a lovely print! Yes! Cushions everywhere! They’re just so versatile and easy to brighten a room without all that pesky expensive decorating (also not possible for me as we rent an apartment with quite stringent rules!) I’m forced to distribute cushions all over the place to make less…magnolia! 🙂


    1. Gosh I loved playing that game when my brother and I were small! Now I see it from the other side my mum probably didn’t like us thundering over all her nice cushions! Oh well, the more there are, the less likely your kids will fall in their lava! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Cushions are definitely my go-to when decorating, much more realistic and interchangeable than decorating walls! I’m in danger of having too many soon though! I’ll have to start cycling through them and having only a few on a month!

      Liked by 1 person

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