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“I Made That!” Monday – Padding my iPad!

I Made That Monday!

After my success with a Kindle case for The Boy a couple weeks ago I decided that the rest of my electronics deserved happy new homes!

Next up was my iPad, which I thought needed something bright and girly to pep me up in the mornings before work (which is primarily when I’m using it).

I wanted to stick with the same general setup as my glasses case and Kindle case as I really like the flap-over-and-secure design, but I didn’t want to get too lazy so this time I fitted the flap with my very first buttonhole!

iPad case 1

I love this flowery fabric, it’s so bright! I seem to have acquired a love of the plain linen as well, as it keeps appearing in all my projects. I think it’s a great fabric to contrast with something bright or patterned, just so it’s not all in-your-face with a million different designs on fabrics.

ipad case 2

I must admit the buttonhole could be neater! There’s a bunch of threads kind of poking around that I’ve trimmed away. Buttonhole experts out there: How do you make them neater? Is there a better way of cutting the hole in them than with a seam-ripper? or is this just typical?

On the whole though, I’m proud of it for my first buttonhole! creating it meant having to use the weird scary buttonhole foot on my machine and although I’m still not quite sure why it moves around so much like it does, I came out of it relatively happy! Plus my button fits through it and doesn’t pop out all the time so I’d call that a win!

iPad case 3
Excuse the mess of dark fluff on my linen, it was sat face down in a pile of fluff!

I’m also so much happier with my top-stitching! I’m so pleased with how much I’ve improved since my Halloween costume, it’s crazy!

iPad case 5

I went with the polka dots on the inside again, I really think it’s going to be my statement feature! It’s just such a lovely pattern to use for a lining, not too plain but not too busy, perfect!

Notes for Next Time:

  • Forward thinking! I need to start thinking about how everything will come together and which things need to be done in a certain order. Again I forgot to sew the button on before it all went together and had to sew it on through the lining fabric from the inside of the case. It’s not a big deal but it’s little things like this that make things seem much nicer and better-finished than I’m currently making!
  • Thready buttonhole alert. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I’m sure not all buttonholes I’ve seen are covered in loose threads. I guess I just need to keep practicing, this was a good first attempt I think!
  • I managed to get the measurements right this time! I mentioned with the Kindle case that it ended up being a bit smaller than I thought but this one worked out so much better. I took the measurements of my iPad and then added an inch of fabric to each side as well. Because I used (and tried really really hard to keep to) a seam allowance of 1/2 inch all-round this gave me roughly an inch of wiggle-room for the iPad inside. This worked out well! I might try it next time I need to do my own measuring for something too!

iPad 4

Happy sewing everyone!

What have you made this Monday? Share in the comments! 


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