Harry Potter Moment of The Week

Harry Potter Moment of the Week: Siriusly Tragic

You know those moments, those terribly sad moments in your favourite books or shows where something just gets you right in the feelings?

This week’s Harry Potter moment of the week – an awesome HP themed meme hosted by uncorked thoughts – is worst Harry Potter death, even before I start writing, I’m watery-eyed.



Sirius is (I refuse to use was) my favourite character. When Sirius died I had to physically put the book down for a few minutes as I cried. When Harry does his ALL CAPS FURY at Dumbledore I was raging right along with him. He only just got back some semblance of family, some sense of parents who love you and are always there when you need them. To have that for so little time and then have it all ripped away is still more than I – or Harry – can deal with.

Plus Sirius is just an awesome guy. He’d be top on the list of fictional characters I totally think I’d be friends with. Oh Sirius. Of all the tragedies, yours was the worst.




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