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“I Made That!” Monday! – Bags of Style

After the triumph (or bit-of-a-mess) of my first garment last Monday, this week I retreated back into the safe haven of not-making-clothes and started on a new bag!

I’d had this reversible bag tutorial pinned on Pinterest for a good long while, and decided that it would be perfect to try out. I wasn’t sure I wanted a reversible bag, but the style was nice so I just decided to make it non-reversible and stick a little pocket on the inside instead.

I bought this fabric with a voucher I got for Christmas, because it’s so lovely. I’m all into the postage-y, travel-y theme. There’s some left over and I think it’s just begging to be a passport cover and travel makeup bag to match!

Postage bag 5
My new bag!

Here it is! I love the rounded bottom shape! I’m so glad I investigated darts this past week for Troublesome Sewing Terms Untangled, it helped me to understand them even better so I was super-comfortable when they came up for this bag.

I was also happy that I seem to be getting better at cutting my material accurately, this project fitted together perfectly, no wonky sides or uneven pieces that were supposed to “match” but don’t, so I was chuffed!

Postage bag 4

I used a plain cream linen for the lining. I’m usually all about the polka dot linings but the outer fabric felt too relaxed and a totally different vibe, so I went with a plain lining and used a scrap of the original outer fabric for the little pocket. I also added a bit of cream trim to the edge of the pocket, because why not?

Postage bag 3
I used a scrap of the outer fabric to make this little pocket and added some cream lace-style trim to give it a little extra something.

I was proud of my pocket, I like that I was able to improvise it without instruction and have it turn out well, it shows me that I’m understanding all these things I’m learning. Maybe one day I can design something completely from scratch and write my own tutorial, how exciting would that be?!

Notes for Next Time:

  • Although I’m continuing to get better at top-stitching (this project I was very neat and even all the way around!), I’m still not getting close enough to the edge, I need to be brave and stop worrying about slipping off the the edge of my fabric. This project relied on top-stitching the gap where it was turned through, thereby closing it all up, but as I was stitching 1/4 away from the edge this didn’t close the gap! I had to go back and hand sew the openings closed as well.
  • So I had a major uh-oh moment with this project. Right at the very end (when I was taking photos to show you all!) I looked at the final thing and realised that the fabric was upside down on one side. Oh no. I thought I’d cut it well but apparently one side was cut the wrong direction. If there’s one thing The Great British Sewing Bee has shown me so far, it’s being aware of the pattern on your fabric and I failed! Sorry May! So importantly, next time make sure the design on your fabric is in the right direction before cutting out!
Postage bag 1
My fabric pattern is upside down! Bother and disaster. Does it show too badly?

Although I am a little gutted about the upside-down pattern thing, I still love my new bag! I’ve not stopped using it since I finished it, and it’s holding up great!

Postage bag 6
Using my new creation already! (and yes! that is a new glasses case I made for myself recently! I am becoming a homemade queen!)

Happy making everyone!

P.S. Later this week I am hopefully trying out this buttermilk-blueberry breakfast cake recipe, so next week’s “I Made That!” Monday may be baking related! A first for me!



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