When Unexpected Things Happen (Leaky Ceilings Saga, Part 1)

I will not post about Valentine’s Day. I will not post about Valentine’s Day.

Okay, this isn’t about Valentine’s Day. This is about those unexpected events that come along and ruin whatever plans you had.

This week I wanted to post another Troublesome Sewing Terms Untangled post, I also wanted to post a bit-of-a-rant about Facebook. I also wanted to research mortgages and buying a house and all that crazy stuff The Boy and I are looking into right now.

But I didn’t do any of that because I’ve been bailing water out of my bedroom.

Okay I’m being a bit dramatic, but still. This is how it went down:

Late Tuesday night, we are in bed. We are in that almost-asleep-but-still-slightly-awake stage of bedtime. We hear something…drip. And then we hear another drip. And another.


As we put the light on we can see water leaking through the ceiling above the bed, dripping into our bedroom in several different places. I panic that the ceiling is going to collapse in on us while The Boy fetches containers (I guess now we know which one of us is going to be good in a crisis).

It gets worse before it gets better. We remove all bedding from our bed and try to get the attention of the apartment upstairs, in case they’ve left a tap on or something. By now, the drips are more frequent and actually more of a steady trickle from the ceiling.

The Boy calls the emergency number for our lettings agency while I sit on the bedroom floor and watch the buckets fill up, trying not to pass out. It’s the early hours and I have to be up for work at 6.

Eventually they start to slow and we can retire to the semi-comfort of the spare room, assured that the drips are now slow enough that the buckets won’t overflow before we wake. It’s stopped when we wake up and there’s dirty brown water in the buckets.


In conclusion, I spent this week in a back-and-forth, trying to find out what the hell, drying out our possessions and making sure the carpet in the bedroom isn’t going to go mouldy (I want my rental deposit back at the end of this!).

Instead of some nice, pre-planned posts, you’re getting this slightly weirdly-tensed post about my awful leaky ceiling. My apologies, but now at least it’s out of my system! Whoever and wherever you are, I hope your week has been better!


P.S: At least it wasn’t about Valentine’s Day!


16 thoughts on “When Unexpected Things Happen (Leaky Ceilings Saga, Part 1)

  1. Bummer! Not a fun week for you! I’ve been in this situation, and there is something deeply disconcerting about water being where it’s not supposed to be and things that are supposed to be solid and protecting you from said water not actually doing that. Best of luck with getting it all sorted out soon.

    We had a little plumbing drama here this week, but luckily were able to catch it early and no sleep was lost. I hope next week is better for both of us!

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    1. I think you’ve summed it up perfectly. It’s definitely disconcerting. While it’s not happened since, our agency are not very forthcoming about dealing with the problem on our end, methinks we’ll be moving out at the end of our tenancy instead of renewing it!
      I hope you’ve been more successful at resolving your plumbing drama! 🙂

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    1. Thanks chick, it’s just disturbing to have water in places it shouldn’t be! It’s all stopped now so hopefully that’s the end of it. At least today I get to sit down and read your two’s mutual film critique to cheer me up! 🙂


    1. No we still don’t know what it was for sure! Our agency haven’t been very helpful really. Apparently the girl upstairs had a flooded kitchen, so I guess it’s to do with that! Haha, that picture made me laugh so hard when I searched for “oh no” in google! 🙂


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