A Bed and Breakfast Star (Leaky Ceilings Saga, Part 2)

Being unable to be at home is a funny sensation, a little bit exciting, a bit sad and definitely irritating.

This past week since I mentioned the unfortunate drippy bedroom ceiling incident our rental agency have had people in and out looking at pipes above our flat. They’ve been cutting holes in the ceiling to see the pipes that carry water from upstairs flats away and out, it’s been unsettling to say the least.

This culminated yesterday in the cutting off of water and the opening of the large problem pipe above our kitchen…

…which apparently turned out to be full of congealing, solid fat that had been put down the sinks of flats above us. It’s disgusting and it stinks.


It actually stinks so bad that our lettings agency says that our flat is “un-livable” until it’s been sorted. Last night we had to go home after work, hold our noses whilst packing a bag and then vacate to a hotel for a week.

So now I’m currently typing from my hotel room, temporarily a little-bit homeless. It all makes me think of that Jacqueline Wilson book, The Bed and Breakfast Star. I always loved Elsa from that book, probably because I was a loud-mouthed child as well.


This is not even our fault. The water from our apartment does not join the big pipe until way after the gross blockage. This has literally nothing to do with us except that it’s our home they have to go through to get at it.

So I’m a bit down and blue at the moment. I’m trying to look at it in the form of a little hotel holiday, which is sort of working, except I keep thinking of things I need from home!

Oh well. If the two of us can get through a week stuck together with nothing to do cramped in a one-room hotel room without murdering each other maybe it’s a good sign for the future!

Hope you’re all safely tucked up at home!

PS: I decided to do Blogging U’s photo 101 to keep me doing new things! Anyone else joining in?



11 thoughts on “A Bed and Breakfast Star (Leaky Ceilings Saga, Part 2)

  1. Oh wow, I hope everything gets sorted out soon! I hate it when leaks, breaks or such force you out of your normal routines.. It’s frustrating if nothing else 😦

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  2. Oh angel, I am so sorry to hear this, it sounds very stressful. And like you say, it’s not even something you have had a hand in. Keep your chin up, though, you’ll be through it before you know it. Sending you lots of love and luck vibes. C xoxo

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    1. We got to come home last night and there doesn’t seem to be any lasting smell, for which I am glad. Although I probably looked like a right weirdo going round the flat sniffing our possessions to make sure it hadn’t seeped into anything we own!

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