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“I Made That!” Monday – Doorstop Delights

Recent events have kept me from making as much as I wanted to this week (boo). But it was my birthday and I was gifted a subscription to Love Sewing magazine (yay!).

As soon as I got my first issue I got straight to work! The simplest project was a 2 X doorstops and 3 X pattern weights set made out of a complimentary Great British Sewing Bee fat quarter! I only needed one doorstop but I’d really like a great set of pattern weights so I just made the one doorstop to save the rest of the fabric for more weights!

I did manage to get my doorstop made before I was unceremoniously shipped off to a hotel, so hopefully I can get around to using it when I get home!

Doorstop 1
My finished doorstop

I think the free fat quarter that came with this issue was lovely! Though I wouldn’t be adverse to making another one of these in another fabric to match a room decoration! The compiling of the triangular shape baffled me a little bit, to be honest. The corners were really worrying me but the instructions in the magazine were very clear to follow so it all came together well!

Doorstop 6
Filled doorstop with rice and set about beginning to make pattern weights.

Filling it with rice was fun too! Although I did have a bit of a misstep and end up with a slightly rice-y floor! Oops! You can see above that I’ve cut out the pieces for my pattern weights too, but unfortunately haven’t gotten round to making them yet, hopefully that’ll be next week’s post!

Notes for Next Time!

  • This is a very simple process! Once you have done it once, it’s easy to understand how your pyramid goes together. Next time stop worrying about where your pieces are going to go and enjoy the making process!
  • Push rice properly into all corners of the pyramid when filling it. I have a couple of floppy edges as I didn’t make sure it was all packed in and full before I closed it up
  • Very happy with the hand-stitching to close it all up! You can’t even tell where it is for once! I’m so pleased!

Look forward to many more posts inspired by Love Sewing now! I’m so excited to get my next issue! What a lovely present!

Doorstop 7
Lovely birthday present!

Hopefully I can get back into the flat sometime soon to carry on with my pattern weights! Watch this space next week to see if I have! (If I’m not home by then, I’m sure you’ll hear about it!)



4 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Doorstop Delights

    1. Ooh, you should try one! They’re really fun and easy! I’m already matching up my fabric stash to room decors to see if I can provide another room with a cute doorstop. If I’m not careful we’ll end up with one in every room!


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