Home At Last (Leaky Ceilings Saga, Part 3 – The End, I Hope!)

I’m home! Finally!

After six nights in a mediocre hotel room with nothing but The Boy, rubbish internet and travel monopoly, I got to come home last night.

We were told on the fourth day to extend our five-night stay an extra night, which were were charged exorbitantly for. I really hope we’re reimbursed that money soon. We want to buy a house, splashing out money on hotel stays is not in the budget!


The guys that were in here doing the work tried to put everything back in our kitchen too! It’s lovely of them but they didn’t know they were dealing with Ms. Organisation herself. Everything just feels wrong and I had the immediate urge to go fix everything and put it back in it’s rightful place. That’s this weekend’s project. I won’t be able to settle if everything’s in wrong cupboards!

Hopefully I can get back to regular posting next week! Thanks for sticking with me through this nonsense!

Happy Friday everyone! (I’m home, yay!)



8 thoughts on “Home At Last (Leaky Ceilings Saga, Part 3 – The End, I Hope!)

    1. I know, it’s a real peeve of mine when things are in the wrong place! It’s all sorted and back to where it should be now though, thank heavens!
      I really hope the ceiling stays where it is! (At least until our lease is over and then it can do what it likes!)


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