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Home, Or Something Like It.

The Daily Post’s Photography 101, Day 1: “What does home look like or mean to you? Share an image in a new post.

Over the course of our (so far) two-year relationship, The Boy and I have both lived at three separate addresses and with recent drama, we’ll be moving on again soon. I’m so tired of moving and not settling anywhere long enough that it feels like a home. We’re putting serious thought into buying a house soon, so maybe we can settle and have a nice proper home together soon.

So I decided to take this home prompt (also because I wasn’t so comfortable taking pictures of the outside of my flat) and do something not-literal with it:

Photo101 home
Home. Also we need new toothbrushes. Don’t judge us.

It might be sappy and a bit cringe-inducing, but with all our moving about so far, home is where we are together. Hopefully this symbolises this. Also hopefully you don’t thow up a bit in your mouths reading this!

I took this with my digital camera (actually no idea whether it’s a DSLR or not, it’s a hand-me-down from The Boy. I will be using my iPhone mostly though, as I work a lot and I don’t fancy carting my camera to-and-from work trying to find something to fill the daily prompt!

So excited to be starting Photo101! I like to keep myself sharp doing new things and I’m not really a photographer so this is great! Hopefully my look-at-this-awesome-thing-that-i-made photos will see an improvement!



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