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“I Made That!” Monday – Wonderful Pattern Weights

I’m finally back home, so this weekend I got cracking on the pattern weights that I mentioned last week! Issue 10 of Love Sewing had tutorials for pyramid doorstop and pattern weights set and I thought they sounded like a grand idea!

I typically just use pins to hold down my patterns but I’ve seen a couple of people use them on The Great British Sewing Bee and was intrigued. I thought it was pretty apt to use the free fat quarter sponsored by the show to make them with!

Pattern Weights 1
My eight pattern weights, ready for use!

I made eight in total and I was really happy with them! Here you can see them all together and while there’s some slight size variation they’re all pretty much the same. Working with such small scraps of material really worried me at first.

Pattern Weights 4
Arty close-up!

I was sewing with the pins in as there wasn’t much room for keeping other pins in further down to keep your fabric in place whilst sewing, which was a big no-no when my needle hit one and completely decimated it into pieces. Luckily the needle didn’t snap itself (I did change it anyway though!) and no bits were lost inside, but I got a bit braver after that catastrophe!

Pattern Weights 5
Here’s another one!

One was a bit wonky on the corner, I think I got fabric from another side of the pyramid caught while sewing and it ended up looking a bit stumpy when I turned it though, but as this was my first time working with something so small I was proud it was just the one that had an issue!

Pattern Weights 6
Love my little collection of weights!

Notes for Next Time

  • Take your pins out as you are sewing! Do not, I repeat, do not sew over your pins because you are scared of how little material there is. Just be brave and go carefully! I like those pins, so I’ll be careful not to break any more!
  • It is tricky to get the corners working. Make sure you’re sewing between the marks you are instructed to make, don’t try to make things easier for yourself by sewing from the edge, it doesn’t work! The instructions are there for a reason!
  • Make sure you’re sewing your triangles together in the correct order / formation. I had to throw one away as my triangles weren’t right and I couldn’t unpick all my back-stitching without ruining the fabric.

My only complaint about these is that they don’t seem very…well…weighty. They’re not particularly heavy and I don’t see them holding down a pattern particularly well, but I could be wrong.

Pattern Weights 3
Pattern weights and pattern for 50’s Walkaway Dress, as featured on Week 2 of The Great British Sewing Bee!

I guess I’ll find out soon. “What’s that?” you say? That is the pattern for the lovely 50’s Walkaway Dress featured in Week 2 of The Great British Sewing Bee! I bought it and will be braving it…soon. It might take me a while though, so be prepared for a weight (geddit!!) before I talk about it on this feature again!

Happy Monday everyone!



10 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Wonderful Pattern Weights

    1. Definitely not dumb! I hadn’t heard of them either before I saw them being used on Great British Sewing Bee! They’re used to hold down pattern pieces while you’re cutting them out with a rotary cutter instead of pins that might wrinkle your fabric or rip the pattern. 🙂


      1. Wow i love that idea!!! I’ve turn more pattern pieces that way. Thanks for explaining this to me. I think its time to go find me a pattern, too. 😁


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