Harry Potter Moment of The Week

Harry Potter Moment of The Week – Percy Schmercy

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is an amazing meme hosted over at Uncorked Thoughts!


I don’t always participate, but I like to throw my hat in when there’s a question that really appeals to me! This week’s MOTW is…

“Character you would erase if you could?”


I don’t know if this is controversial or not, but I’d totally do away with Percy Weasley. Seriously. What is the point of you. I never liked him, even when he came around and managed to realise he’d been a massive tool.

There are characters in the series I actively dislike, Peter Pettigrew ahem, but to erase them negates the story entirely.

What’s Harry Potter without Voldemort? Nothing.

What’s Harry Potter without Percy Weasley?

Pretty much the same, really, I think. He brings very little to the table, in my estimation. Sure, he’s trying to do better for himself, I get that. But he’s such a prat. Basically I don’t see the point of him at all. That’s sort of harsh, really. Sorry Perce.

Mum’s crying again. Percy sent back his Christmas jumper.

Actually no, I’m not sorry.




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