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What I Did On My Holiday

This week I returned from my lovely sunny holiday in Marmaris, Turkey. It was lovely.

I’m gearing up to get back into the blogging habit, but while I’m looking for crafty inspiration, here are some of the best bits of my trip!

I’ve returned rested and relaxed and ready to jump back into the house-hunting saga! A good dose of sun and doing nothing does that to a person!




12 thoughts on “What I Did On My Holiday

  1. Okay, I can’t say I’ve ever thought “Hmmmmmmmm…I really must get to Turkey,” but I am officially convinced!
    It looks gorgeous, and it sounds like you had a blast!
    No rest for the wicked, but I’m hoping to get a bit of a break in the fall! Honestly, I am quite happy doing very little on vacation.

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    1. Glad I’ve convinced you! It was lovely, you should definitely visit! Although beware of locals and shop owners etc, they won’t leave you alone. Literally everyone shouts at you to get your attention and tries to talk you into buying/doing something, it’s insane!
      I hope you get your break later this year!
      I’m definitely happy doing very little too! Although I do get a bit antsy if I’ve lazed a lot for a couple of consecutive days and have to get out for a stroll or a bit of an explore! 🙂

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  2. What an amazing place! I’m dreaming about visiting Turkey one day! I’m glad you enjoyed the trip and your photos are fabulous, especially the ones of you:)
    On vacation, I like to just relax with lots of beach and yummy food… This year, I went to LA for Easter so no more holidays this year! But it was a great trip!

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    1. Oh you should definitely go and visit, it’s a beautiful place to see! Thank you!
      That sounds so awesome, I’m very jealous! I’d love to see LA! (And visit America in general!) The Boy and I like to think we’ll see the USA for our honeymoon, but seeing as we aren’t even engaged yet it’s still a distant pipe dream! 🙂

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      1. You will definitely get here 🙂 LA is gorgeous and don’t forget to come see us here in NYC!
        And I believe that pipe dreams do come true so keep on thinking about it and one day, it’ll become a reality 🙂
        Cheers to you and hope you had a great weekend!

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