The Hells of Househunting

I’ve mentioned previous that The Boy and are looking to buy our first home together. At first it was exciting, but now I think it’s losing that buzz for me, which is sad. I’m recently overwhelmed with how serious it is. We’re having trouble finding one that is right for us. Many people have told me “You’ll just know it’s the house for you.” 

I’m starting to wonder whether we’ve not found it yet, or if those people are full of tosh.

To lighten my dejected house-hunting mood, I decided to give you all a run-down of some of the most memorable houses we’ve seen so far!


The Deception

Ace from afar, a hell of a mess when you got closer. This was the first house we saw and we fell in love. We came away from the first viewing enraptured. The house was lovely, the kitchen was new, the space was plenty. Then we looked closer. Very much closer. The new kitchen was fitted…wonky. things weren’t aligned, stuff just not quite right. Eventually we found it wasn’t a professional job. Beautiful wallpaper was trying to hide damp. There was only a single socket in each room, bodged electrically in a half-rewiring job that probably wasn’t safe.

We’ve been a lot more cautious since then!

The Meh

There wasn’t anything wrong with this house, per se. It was just…meh. It didn’t have anything special that jumped out at me, and to be honest, I literally can’t remember a single thing about it now.

The Rudest Sellers Ever

Didn’t speak to us at all, beyond, “Hi”. Seriously. Not even when showing us rooms, just led us into each one. This was by far the most awkward house viewing I’ve ever been on. When we asked why they were selling and moving, we were answered with a blunt “Need a bigger house.” That was it.

So it’s a bit of a Fixer-Upper

“…so it’s got a few flaws. Like it’s bad double glazing, it’s wallpapered ceilings and the wiring done during the war!” (Had to throw Frozen in there as soon as I said fixer upper.)

The Matchbox

The photographs for this house were so deceptive! While they looked decent, the rooms of this house were barely able to fit The Boy, the estate agent and I. I don’t know why it was on the market for the same prices as normal-people sized houses on the same street, as it was more aptly sized for toddlers.

The One That Got Away

This was the first house that we both agreed that we really liked. Half the battle of buying a house seems to be agreeing on a house in the first place, and I was so happy when we did! However the other half of the house-buying battle is getting an offer accepted before somebody else does. Which we did not. Sigh. Back to the drawing board!


The Commune

When we went in to this house with the agent, the family that lived there were all sat on the living-room floor in their pajamas and didn’t move at all while we were taken round. They were sleeping on mattresses in all sorts of rooms and there were several sofas in the “best-bit-of-the-house” garden. Now I’m not one to judge anyone’s situation, but it felt more like a squat than a house.


….mmm. Okay Ryan.

Wish me luck!




4 thoughts on “The Hells of Househunting

  1. Oh boy, that sounds so stressful I’m all tired out just reading it, especially the deception and the fixer-upper, like, we know you want to sell your house but uh, maybe get some work done beforehand? Hope you find something suitable soon! (Nice use of memes, btw 😉 )


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