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“I Made That!” Monday – Tidy Ticket Holder

I’ve not been doing a lot of making while we’ve been house-hunting, it seems to take up all of our time.

That’s why I was really happy that a friend’s birthday is coming up, it’s meant I have significant motivation to uncover my sewing machine from mounds of paperwork and make her a little something to compliment the rest of her gifts.

There are a thousand things I could make for my ex-coworker-slash-bff, but I eventually settled on a card holder. She’s got a new beau that lives at the other end of a train journey so she’s been taking trips more often. I thought a cute holder for her ticket or pass might brighten up the journey for her.

I’ve not made one of these before, so I decided to have a trial run at it. This is what I’ll be sharing today, as I’m going to spend the next few days analyzing what not to do for the real deal.

My lovely fabrics

I decided to use the leftovers from the yellow fat quarter I got from subscribing to Love Sewing magazine – you might remember it from my yellow headband last time!

I found this awesome tutorial over at A Spoonful of Sugar – those ladies are so talented! – for a business card holder and figured it would be perfect.

I’ll be honest, I’m not dead pleased with the result. I’m happy that I understood how it went together and managed to make this happen with little effort. I’m not so happy with the top-stitching, the button/buttonhole or the general effect! Oops!

Card wallet 1
Card wallet take 1

I don’t think the colour combination works for me – I thought a contrasting top-stitch would work, especially with the red lining but I fear I was wrong. The final article for my friend will be much more colour coordinated I hope!

Card wallet 2
Front view.

I do love this little ribbon strap I attached though. The tutorial calls for a small tag but I thought a small strap would be handier to fish for in bags and pockets etc.

Card wallet 3
Generally okay top-stitching, although don’t ask me what happened in that top left corner! It’s all wonk central up there.

My top-stitching is better, but it’s still a little…iffy. There’s a bit that you can see on this picture where it’s just plain wonky. Not cool.

Card wallet 4
This buttonhole is way too small for the original button I’d sewed on!

The button! Where do I start with my irk for this whole thing. Firstly I used too big a button for my buttonhole! I measured the button and made the buttonhole the length of the button, forgetting it would have to be bigger to fit the button in! In the end, I had to unpick the button and sew a new one on. The picture above shows the old button next to the buttonhole, it’s the exact same size!

Card wallet 5
All I see at when I look at this picture is mess. It’s all just a massive mess.

Also my buttonhole is a mess. I don’t understand how these things are supposed to look good. Everywhere I’ve read has told me to cut the buttonhole open with my seam ripper, which results in a mess like this, even worse when I try to tidy it up a bit! Sewers out there, am I missing something? How do I get a lovely, neat, non-fraying mess of a buttonhole??

Notes for Next (week) time

  • Make sure your buttonhole is larger than the button! If necessary sew the buttonhole first and then make sure the button slips through it before you sew the button on and find it doesn’t fit.
  • Find out how to make a less messy buttonhole?
  • Top-stitching is good in terms of proximity to the edge – getting better with that! – but needs to be neater!
  • Much prefer a strap to a tag, keep that idea when planning the next one
  • colour coordinate better! Possibly do a couple of stitches in the thread onto scrap test fabric to check I like the look of it all together?

Card wallet 2

I’ll let you know how the final gift turned out next week! Hopefully I can show you all some improvement!

Happy sewing!

Hayley Margaret

That’s what I’ve been crafting! What have you been making this Monday? Share your makes and links in the comments, I’d love to see some!


6 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Tidy Ticket Holder

  1. O boy Hayley! looks like someone else was trying their ‘first’ this week. I did the very same thing. I tried a new sample version of a crayon roll and learnt my lesson. Then I tried another one with bigger measurements. Next I’ll try to add a pocket for a note pad. All this in prep for a birthday gift in two weeks! Stay tuned for my blog on it.

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