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“I Made That!” Monday – Card Wallet Take 2

Last week I trialed the making of a card wallet for a friend’s birthday. I wanted to make her one to use as a ticket holder for her train tickets and her underground pass when she’s off in London visiting her new beau. The test run last Monday ran smoothly in terms of production, but not in design.

I really wasn’t a fan of how the colours of the fabrics I used went together after I’d made it, so I thought long and hard about which ones to use for the second time around.

PicMonkey Collage
Left: first attempt. Right: Second, more successful attempt.

I must admit I’m so much happier with how this one turned out! The turtle patterned fabric is so cute. I had some left over from that cushion cover I originally bought it for, and this wallet was only little so I had more than enough to get a good couple of turtles positioned on there!

Snail card wallet 6
Cute turtles!

I referenced this tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar, the same one as I used for last week’s attempt. However this time I jiggled with the dimensions, changed the closing mechanism and made the front flap more prominently pointed.

I just love how the front of this turned out all matchy-matchy. I’d really like to say it was totally pre-planned and that May and Patrick would be stoked with my pattern matching…but alas it was a completely happy accident. Either way, the fact that the flap matches the front pattern so well makes me extra happy!

Snail card wallet 2

I used a plain linen for the lining of this wallet and I think it helps the general structure that both the fabrics I used were pretty sturdy weight-wise.

Snail card wallet 4
Close-up of the front flap of the wallet. I changed out the button-hole for a piece of elastic to close it up instead.

As you can see I forwent the button disaster from last week and added elastic and a button to close the holder instead. I’m going to carry on working on my buttonholes but I really didn’t want a thready mess to ruin this present and I think it turned out just as good.

Snail card wallet 5
I just love this button. I have no idea where it came from, it was just loitering in my stash begging to be paired with this fabric.

Notes for Next Time

  • As you can see, although I loved the idea of a little ribbon strap for the wallet, I ultimately couldn’t find a ribbon I liked enough to use with this fabric. I didn’t want to ruin it with any old ribbon to in the end I left it off. I would like to put a strap on any others I make though because I do feel that this one is lacking just a little something.
  • Top-stitching is better! Still a little wonky but this feels much better than last time. Maybe it’s the fact that the top-stitching isn’t in such a bright and noticeable colour this time.
  • Because I used a little too much elastic the button had to be placed towards the very bottom of the wallet to ensure secure closing. This doesn’t look bad here, but it might be worth making sure I have more fitting bit of elastic next time so the button can be conventionally in the middle.
  • I actually felt much better jiggling with this pattern and tutorial and changing it up a bit. I’m thinking I need to try my hand at planning more of my own projects as I seem to edit and change most of the ones I look for online anyway.

My friend loved her present, which I am ecstatic about! Maybe I’ll make one for me next!

Hayley Margaret

That’s what I’ve been crafting! What have you been making this Monday? 


3 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Card Wallet Take 2

    I don’t go into craft stores any more b/c I have a shameful amount of cute fabric that I will never use since I don’t craft at all.
    MAYBE I’ll get into sewing this summer. Or…40 summers from now. You never know.


  2. How fricking adorable are these. OMG I would love to have one of them. Do you by chance have an etsy story or sell these? Can’t wait to explore your site more and see what else you have made. Looking forward to finding new and wonderful things you have made.

    Found you from Janice at Mostlyblogging.com meet and greet. I would love to have you follow me as well.

    Trina @
    Walking My Own Path


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