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“I Made That!” Monday – Super Secret Book Stash

I’ve not been around recently, and for that I’m very sorry. BUT… we bought a house! 

We found one! Alright, alright, it’s not fully ours yet, so I won’t go into so much detail in case of sadness later, but the mortgage is approved and the solicitors are doing their legal bits behind the scenes so hopefully it’ll be all ours soon!

In the meantime, I’ve been going decorating crazy. My brain is feels like Pinterest exploded inside it so I need to take a step back and not get ahead of myself.

Thus, when I came across this amazing tutorial for a ‘Secret Stash Book’ I decided to get back to just enjoying making something. I have always always wanted a Secret Stash Book, there’s just something deliciously old-school sneaky criminal about having things stored away inside holes in books and I was excited to step a bit outside my sewing zone and do some other kind of craftiness.

Book Stash 1
All my materials for making secret stash books!

I found these awesome books at a car boot sale for 20p each. They’re exactly what I was looking for for this project, something old and classic-looking so they were a bargain! The little one is so small and cute I thought it would make a lovely stash for something tiny! (I’m thinking of when I con a mega-multimillionaire out of a tiny bag full of diamonds or something else oh-so-Hollywood like that, obvs).

Secret Stash collage
Chopping the pages out

The tutorial calls for drilling into the four corners where your pencil marks meet to be able to cut between them. Like the complacent person that I am I decided that I didn’t need these markers. (Yes, I kind of did, because as you can see, the finished article turned out a bit messy but oh well).

Nevertheless, I will say that if you attempt this, be prepared to be sat there for a while. Whilst I am super happy to have an awesome secret stash book I will not pretend that cutting out all the pages and removing them again, and again, and again, is not slightly dull.

Book Stash 8
Secretly hiding The Boy’s watch, and our set of semi-collectible 50p pieces.
Book Stash 7
The smaller secret stash book, holding a USB of all my secrets and the only piece of genuine gold I own…

I love love love that I can sneakily hide things in my bookcase now! (I just have to find valuable things to put in them).

Book Stash 9
Don’t judge my books. Unless you approve, then judge away. 

They sit nicely on our bookshelf, even if they look a bit out of place next to newer books and are nearly empty at the moment! (I wanted to hide our passports inside for security, but The Boy says we’ll forget where they are. I must admit, hidden in a book on the bookshelf is not the first place I’d look if we misplaced anything…)

Book Stash 11
How un-suspicious. If I ever have to conceal a crime, this is where I’ll hide the evidence…

Notes for Next Time 

  • Drill the holes in the corners recommended by the tutorial! Although it is possible to make this without that step, I have a feeling that the sides of the hole in my book would have been much neater if I had used guiding points to cut between.
  • Be prepared for a long afternoon. I thought that this would take a while, but I wasn’t quite expecting just how long it took to cut the middle out of the book. While it’s an afternoon well-spent in my opinion, I’d make sure you’re stocked up with your favourite podcasts or audiobooks and have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand for taking little breaks (take breaks, you will get bored.)

Hayley Margaret

That’s what I’ve been crafting! What have you been making this Monday?


9 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Super Secret Book Stash

  1. It’s good to see you back here!
    Congrats on the house!
    And I LOVE this project, but I might be too short on patience to attempt this. And I would probably feel pretty guilty about murdering a book. Even though one of my jobs was basically throwing away old journals. I am still HAUNTED by how many books I sent away to die.

    Liked by 1 person

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