The Happiness of Househunting (A Follow-Up)

So it’s been – almost – a month since I last posted, and even before that, I mentioned the trials of hunting for a house. It’s been so hectic here in my life recently, but it’s finally led to this:

I now own a house. Which is terrifying. Amazing, but terrifying.

It’s a cute little two-bedroom terraced house that needs so much decorating work that I am literally twitching to get started with it.

The view over the town from our bedroom window. Beaut sunset not included in sale. #nofilter

There were a few hiccups, in that we were forced to move out of our rental flat before the sale had completed on the house, leaving us crashing on my mum’s spare mattress on the floor and paying to store our things while we waited for a date. It wasn’t a good time.

Then our seller decided to renege on the offer we had agreed on and promptly suggested we pay extra for the inclusion of the white goods. She claimed she had “no recollection of them ever being in the original offer”, despite email evidence and the insistence of the estate agent – who, though working for her, was clearly starting to lose patience – and gave me a few sleepless nights wondering whether we could fit a kitchen full of white goods on the budget we had left.

Long story cut short: we refused to pay. She left them behind anyway. I cursed a lot but called it a happy ending.

Untitled design

Now we’ve been here just over a week and things are finally getting back to normal. Most of our things are unpacked – I’m dedicated to everything we own finding a new home – and most importantly, this includes my sewing machine.

I can’t wait to get back to making, I’ve even appropriated a section of the spare room for my crafty corner. I miss sewing, and I miss blogging, and I miss reading all my favourite blogs. I have so much to catch up on, so sorry if I’ve been neglecting your awesome blogs. It’s not intentional! Here’s hoping I can get back to it all ASAP.

Watch this space.

I own a house! Yay!

Hayley Margaret


17 thoughts on “The Happiness of Househunting (A Follow-Up)

  1. Congratulations on the new house! Being a home owner is a major step into adulthood :p We’re still renting but there’s always hope for a house in our future!

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  2. Congrats! Home-ownership is a blessing, and a curse! As American as I am, it took me a minute to figure out that “whites” means appliances…am I right? Proud you stick to your guns! 😃 Happy decorating!

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    1. Thanks! Yes, as excited as I am, I’m definitely still more than a little nervous about it! Haha yes, sorry to confuse you! Over here it’s the common term for the large kitchen appliances. I was adamant we weren’t going to be ripped off, luckily it paid off! 🙂

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