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“I Made That!” Monday – Cute Crafty Coasters

I’m back on the sewing wagon! I posted yesterday in my Weekly Small Pleasures post about my new little crafty corner being complete and I wanted to jump straight back into making things and sharing them on “I Made That!” Monday.

I decided to start off with something small for the new house (obviously. I feel like a lot of my upcoming makes will be things for the new house!) and settled on some simple fabric coasters.

Coasters are awesome to make, because they’re so simple it’s practically no difficulty to change them with the changes in a room, but they give a lovely feel to a place. As I’m not sure how we’re decorating the house yet, I felt some cute coasters to give a cheery feel until we do decide, was a nice touch.

Four finished coasters.

I chose this adorable blue gingham-y fabric to make them out of, it was in a bunch of scraps and fat quarters that my mum gifted me for Christmas, so it’s been waiting patiently to be used!

Seeing as this project seemed so straightforward, I didn’t look for a tutorial, I just whipped them up on my own.

coasters 6
Bit wonky, but I call it “character”.

I put a layer of felt in between the two layers of fabric as it was pretty thin and I wanted to pad it out some. This made sewing the top-stitching close to the edges kind of hard but I managed best I could (read: wonky but fully sewn, so meh).

Notes for Next Time:

  • I liked the finished product when putting felt in between the outer layers of fabric. It gives the coasters a bit of a thicker feel, and after all, the point of them is to protect surfaces from cups and glasses!
  • I had a jig-around with the working-method I came up with partway through though. I had originally planned to close the turn-through opening via top-stitching over the edges to close it, but this didn’t work (mostly because I think my top-stitching was yet again not close enough to the edge of the fabric)’ It left this weird envelope-y baggy space that I closed up with a ladder stitch(??) and then proceeded to just close all the openings like this before top-stitching instead. As you can tell from the pictures it looks better than flappy edges!
Coasters 5
The flappy edge when closing the gap via top-stitching. I really think my top-stitching needs some work!
Coasrers 4
I closed the openings with a ladder stitch instead. You can just about see the knot but I think it still looks neater.
  • Next time I make these (when I actually decide on the colour schemes I want) I would like to put a layer or ric-rac or or lace or something around the outside of each coaster. Either that or some sort of patch or embroidery on them, to give them a little extra umph. As much as I like these, I feel they’re a bit bland.
Coasrers 3
They’re cute, and they work. My new desk is well-protected from watermarks!

Most of all, I’m happy to get back to sewing and sharing! I have a whole new avenue of soft furnishings to explore. How exciting!

Hayley Margaret

That’s what I’ve been making! What have you been making this Monday?


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