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Happy Birthday Little Blog.

It’s my blogaversary! Today marks a whole year since the first post here on A Stitch To Scratch. In it, I introduced myself and my plans and hopes for my little blog.

Current blog logo! It’s gone through several variations but I like the simple ease of this one!

I said I wanted to post once a week for the entire year. I’ve not quite managed that; I took a month or so break recently to focus on the buying of my house, but the WordPress stats page says I have posted 103 times, which if I fiddle with the numbers, gives me an average of 1.98 (let’s say 2) posts per week, which I choose to think means I succeeded. I also posted once a day for an entire month for NaBloPoMo, which I loved. I’m definitely considering doing it again this year!

A great experience, but exhausting!

I said I wasn’t sure what would feature on this blog, barring my forays into crafting, and I’m still not sure. I’ve experimented with taking part in different weekly events (Weekly Small Pleasures and the Harry Potter Moment of the Week are my particular favourites) and also with a few book and film reviews, but to be honest, I’m feeling a little stuck. I love having a crafty blog. It’s my main hobby and I adore having a dedicated space to share that enjoyment, but it also feels like posts that aren’t about crafting don’t belong here! I’m torn between toning down the craftiness, starting a new blog for other things, or just not giving a damn.

How do you all feel about pigeonholing yourselves to one topic? How have you / would you deal with it?

I said I wanted to be proud of my blog, and I am. It still weirds me out a little when friends comment on things I’ve posted to my face, but in a nice way. It’s cool that its interesting enough for people to read! As of now, I have 183 people following along with my crafty journey, and although that isn’t many compared to most of the amazing blogs out there, it still blows my mind that there are 183 people that want to hear what I have to say. I’m definitely proud of that.


In the upcoming year, I want to double (yes double) the posts on A Stitch to Scratch and continue with my goal to post at least once a week. I also want to try my hand at NaBloPoMo again. I’ve found so many lovely bloggers and their cool blogs over the past year (special shoutouts to Christa of A Voluptuous Mind, Jillian at Pink Panther Snipes and Alex over at Still Life With Grad Student, if you haven’t discovered them yet, go now.)

Thanks to everyone who has visited, read, liked or commented here this past year! I’ve sewed and crafted, seen Berlin and Turkey, turned 25 and bought a house! I wonder what will happen in the next one?

Hayley Margaret


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little Blog.

  1. Hooray for your Blogoversary !!! You are such an amazing and talented person and I live vicariously through your posts!! Your crafts, travels, fashions and now new home! Indeed it’s been a great year of reading your adventures and here’s to many, many more! Congrats!!!

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  2. Happy blogoversary! Here’s to many many more to come :p Teying to figure out the exact niche my blog belonged in was also something I struggled with in the beginning so don’t worry, we all go through it. In fact, we keep going through it because our blogs change with us! When I started my blog I was newly married, had recently quit my job to become a housewife and could barely make a decent cup of tea let alone cook. Now? I have an energetic toddler bouncing off the walls, have moved to a whole new country, and have become enough of a cook to start posting recipes online! I think at this point I’m definitely a mommy blogger though I don’t much like that label :p

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    1. Thanks! And thank you so much for your positive words! I think it’s good to just post what you want, I worry about alienating people until I realise that I mostly blog for my own satisfaction!
      I think mommy blogger is one of those things that comes with a negative connotation, there’s nothing wrong with it! Labelling blogs is probably what creates the niche feeling in the first place. For the record, if you are one, you’re a good one! 🙂

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  3. Happy blogiversary!
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    I’m in the same boat with focusing on one topic. I honestly didn’t think I would ever get tired of bad movie blogging, but that lasted…uh, 6 months maybe. Now I’m just trying to have fun with the blog and do what’s interesting to me.
    I will read your blog no matter what you decide to write about. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, I think that’s the best way to go. I love to craft and make things, so I geared my blog that way, maybe I should just do what I want and see what happens.
      Thanks dear, ditto back at you, always love your posts, bad movie blogging or not! 🙂 x

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