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“I Made That!” Monday – Teacup Candles

One of my very best friends is getting married! She’s having the most lovely, homemade, unique, Pinterest-inspired wedding that is going to be amazing.

This week she recruited me and my craftiness to help her make some adorable teacup candles, inspired by this tutorial.

We’ve been scouring charity shops and car boot sales for old vintage-y tea cups and saucers and eventually found enough for her to have 12 in total. They’re all different, which I think looks so cool and eclectic!

Love this collection of teacups to turn into candles!

We stuck the wicks to the bottom of the teacups with a little bit of blue(white)-tack, just to keep them in place until the wax was poured in and set to do the job instead.

Teacups 1
The skewers worked well to hold the wicks up straight!

Then we used barbecue skewers instead of chopsticks to hold the wick in place (I don’t own any chopsticks, let alone enough pairs to do all of these candles!) This is to make sure the wick isn’t dead wonky coming out of the candle, and to make sure it doesn’t fall into the melted wax and ruin everything, basically!

Teacups 3
We could probably have planned this better. Also this was SO MESSY.

We had to cut up a giant block of wax into chunks and shavings which was the most time-consuming part of the endeavor. Also don’t worry, my lovely macaroon surface-protector survived the encounter with a wax-block and a carving knife.

Teacups 4
It’s pink because we’ve already added the colouring in this photo!

Then the wax got melted down in a homemade, Macgyver’d bain marie. It takes a lot of solid wax to make not very much liquid wax to fill a candle. We were quite surprised by how much we needed to make! (spoiler alert, we only managed 6/12 candles this session!) My friend wanted to colour the candles a nice pink, so we added the colour and flowery scent!

Teacups 5
Ignore the plastic bag please, we were trying to protect my table!

I love how awesome they look already, even without setting!

Teacups 6
Because I love artsy close-ups…

Once we’d done three, we repeated the process for another three – it took less time once we’d figured the whole thing out. Now half of the teacups are candles! When they were a little more set, I cut the wicks down to about 1cm, so that they weren’t absurdly long sticking out of the candles, just to give them that bit more authenticity.

Teacups 7
As they’re setting. This takes a long time!

Notes for Next Time

  • Use pre-shredded/cut/grated wax. That is an important note! A lot of time was eaten up by us attempting to chip away at the solid block of wax we had. (It was like grating frozen cheese). Apparently you can get it in shards or chunks or whatever, so definitely do this next time!
  • Invest in a good glass bowl to create the bain marie. The plastic one we used was okay (it was heat-resistant so didnt melt!) but wasn’t the right size to fit in my saucepan and kept bobbing around awkwardly in the boiling water. Not too safe!

PicMonkey Collage teacups

We’ll definitely be doing this again (if only because we’ve got another 6 to do before the wedding yet) because it was fun and thee results were super-cute. I’d like teacups (or other random things) to turn into candles for cool house-decor!

I had such a fun afternoon making these, I can’t wait to get the other ones done too! I’m sure they’ll look absolutely precious on L’s wedding tables. I’m excited to see them there!

Hayley Margaret

That’s what I’ve been making! What have you been making this Monday?


14 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – Teacup Candles

  1. Ah, these are so lovely, HM. I can’t wait to see photos from the wedding (so you’ll have to get loads!). I’m such a wedding perv! You are a good friend and she’s so lucky to have such a crafty one in you xoxo


  2. Those are so cute! I’m currently trying to plan a wedding and saw a similar idea on Pinterest that I hope to do. They took teacups and used them as tiny pots to plant live centerpieces in. Perfect for a low centerpiece to encourage conversation, and it’s something guests could take home easily if they wanted.


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