Harry Potter Moment of The Week

Harry Potter Moment of the Week [or, I Love A Good Quote]

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is an amazing meme hosted over at Uncorked Thoughts and Lunar Rainbows!Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone_Book_Cover

I like to share my thoughts when the topic really appeals to me! This week’s MOTW is “Favourite quote from Philosopher’s Stone.

There are so many amazing quotes from HP1 – most of them coming from the main man, Dumbledore himself – there’s some lovely philosophical, meaningful statements in there, but I’m going to go with this silly little one. Because it always makes me smile:

So light a fire!” Harry choked.
“Yes…of course…but there’s no wood!”


Also because I am terrible and panicky in a crisis too. Honourable mention to “Whatever house I’m in, I hope she’s not in it.” – because you’re only fighting fate, Ron.

To see what other’s favourite Philosopher’s Stone quotes were, go to the post over at Uncorked Thoughts or Lunar Rainbows or check out the tag!

Hayley Margaret


One thought on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week [or, I Love A Good Quote]

  1. LOL! You picked some funny ones. That moment Hermione is hilarious to me and also makes her more relatable as a character which I love. The one about picking Houses 😀 How true there really about fighting fate!!


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