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All About Autumn

So the lovely Christa over at A Voluptuous Mind tagged me to join in with this cute little getting-in-the-swing-of-autumn questionnaire. I’m a bit behind on it – we are definitely mid-autumn now! – because we’ve been decorating! More about that this weekend, I have so many photos to share!

I love autumn, it’s the start of snuggly clothes, crunching leaves, havingstrawberry hat selfie actual coffee instead of iced lattes to get my
fix and most importantly, getting out my collection of woolly hats (yes, I own enough to call it a collection) and wearing them all with glee – except for the reindeer one, that’s for my top favourite season.

So autumn ahoy!

Favourite candle scent?

I love candles. I have so many candles on the go (one in practically each room, to be honest), but I must say, while I love the tangy apple one in the kitchen, it’s more of a spring/summer fragrance. At the moment I’m in love with the Chocolate Truffle Lily Flame candle I have in the living room, it’s beautiful.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

I can’t pick just one! If I’m at home it’s tea all the way. I can’t deal with the day ahead without a cup of tea in the mornings, and I have at least 2 -3 on weekends! – cups a day. If I’m out, coffee’s my fix of choice. Partly because I don’t trust people that aren’t me and The Boy to make my tea right, and partly because I love a good coffee-shop coffee.

(hot chocolate is for winter, don’t be daft!)

What is the best fall memory you have?

I love fireworks displays!

Halloween and bonfire nights are the best nights for me! I love going to the firework show they have in Nottingham, it’s a big fair-ground type affair with a giant bonfire and cups of mushy peas with mint sauce (hello Midlands, how weird our traditions are) and it’s great every year. Can’t wait for this one!

Best fragrance for fall?

I’ll tell you a secret, I’m not that much of a perfume person. I feel like it’s one of those things all girls should be into but I’m just not. The one I have at the minute is one my mum ordered me from AVON because it smells like raspberries and I love fruity, berry smells. That’s the best I got for ya!

Favourite Thanksgiving food?

We don’t do Thanksgiving here, so I’m not sure what constitutes Thanksgiving food, but on asking The Boy, he says it’s a little like Christmas dinner, which I love and couldn’t pick a favourite bit!

Most worn sweater?photo1

I have so many jumpers that I love that it’s hard to pick just one, but if we’re talking most worn I have to go with this Hogwarts one. I am ever the Harry Potter geek and also a bargain-finder (Cheap find in the men’s section of Primark. Get in!)

Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Leaf piles, definitely. I still walk down the street kicking at leaf piles wherever I see them, every autumn.

Favourite type of pie?

Apple. Yum.

What is autumn weather like where you live?

Cold. Rainy. Mostly like the rest of the year in England! If we’re lucky we get some cold-but-dry fresh, crisp autumn mornings. Those are my favourite.

Which make-up trend do you prefer, dark lips or winged liner?

Lips alllllll the way. I bloody love a bold lipstick, any day of the week. Plus I’m naff at doing detailed eyeliner!

What song really gets you into the fall spirit?

I’ll choose to take this real literal and share The Kinks – Autumn Almanac with you all. I adore the Kinks. Don’t know how that happened, they broke up when I was six, but I’ve always loved them and when The Boy got me my record player for Christmas, proper copies of The Kinks albums were the first I wanted. Here’s one about Autumn in England:

“Friday evenings, people get together, hiding from the weather. Tea and toasted buttered currant buns, can’t compensate for lack of sun, because the summer’s all gone.”

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Controversial but no. I don’t like it, and I don’t get the hype!

Favourite fall TV show?

Autumn is a fab time for getting into new shows, keeping inside from the wet weather! This year I’m determined to jump into the Breaking Bad hype and binge-watch that!

Skinny jeans or leggings?

Leggings. I literally wear leggings every day. until last month I hadn’t owned any jeans for nearly two years! Leggings are the essentials of my wardrobe!

Combat boots or Uggs?

My docs <3. They’re finally giving in after three years of solid wear, but I’m hankering after these beauties for a Christmas present-to-myself!

Halloween – yay or nay?

A deafening yay! I usually go all out for Halloween – go here and here for my costume last year! – though I’m not sure how much I’ll do this year. I’ve organised a surprise day trip for The Boy on that day – he knows we’re going somewhere but has no clue where, I’m enjoying his confusion because usually I can’t keep a secret for anything. – I’m going to put up some decorations in the hope that we’re back from the surprise in enough time to welcome some trick-or-treaters to the new house!

Fall mornings or evenings?

Mornings. I get up for work at 5am and leave at 6. By the evening (I work 10 hour days!) I’m so exhausted I don’t even notice my surroundings so I get most of my atmospheric pleasure being out in the peaceful quiet of early mornings.

What do you think about Black Friday?

Meh. One of those traditions that are not ours, but seem to have been adopted anyway (I know Halloween is the same, but that’s fun!). All it means is getting trampled as people try and buy as much crap-they-don’t-need as they can.

One fall 2015 trend you love?

Big cuddly woolly jumpers. Mostly because I wear them anyway, so it’s good to be accidentally-on-trend!

Thank you Christa, for leading me to post something like this, I’ve enjoyed answering these questions! I hope you all enjoy Autumn or Fall or whatever this season is called where you are! I’m off to pick a hat to wear today.

Hayley Margaret


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