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“I Made That!” Monday – A Space To Be Proud Of

“I Made That!” Monday is a (mostly) weekly feature here on A Stitch To Scratch. Each week I try to share something that I have made, on my quest to be creatively satisfied.

This past week The Boy and I have had the whole week off to decorate the living room of our new house. It has been hard work. The whole thing was wallpapered, old and faded. Everything needed stripping down to basics before we could start making it lovely. But lovely we did make it and I’m so pleased. I still just sit in here and look around in wonder at how much lighter, airier, calmer, better it looks.

So I’m classing this as my “I Made That!” Monday, because I (we) made this room aces.

living room 1
There are not words for how much I hate this wallpaper, this carpet and those lights.

living room  7
After. (Mostly. We still have to move a bunch of our stuff back in. We are NOT this uncluttered.)
It’s so much brighter in here. I love a good feature wall, so despite hating steaming the other wallpaper off, I was game to reapply it. The Boy was much less keen, but I won that battle, and I’m glad I did. This paper is so cute!

living room 2
Before – The other side of the room.
I love the bay window here but the sill is covered in crap brown tiles! (Plus those lights are still ugly as sin).

living room 7
Again, our massive DVD collection is missing here, so don’t labour under the misapprehension that we are tidy minimalists.
The duck egg / blue is really calming, which is good because I feel like we’re manic all the time. Having a calming atmosphere to go and spend time in has helped, even just the past few days!

Our under-the-stairs alcove. Before we started moving the furniture back in!
We painted our alcove in a duck egg to match the wallpaper, to make a cute little corner of colour!  Plus check out my new light! Trust me I am beyond happy about that.

One feature wall, a splash of colour, fresh gloss and a new carpet and bada bing bada boom – lovely new room.

The Boy and I have never decorated together before (I have never decorated at all really) so this was a learning experience! Here are some things I learned about myself.

Things I’m not so great at when decorating (aka The Boy’s jobs next time):

  • Painting the ceiling
  • Painting in general without covering myself in half of it
  • Waiting for things to dry
  • Anything to do with radiators
  • Taking up carpet
  • Admitting when it’s time to stop for the evening because I just want to keep going and get that little job done first

Things we found that I am pretty good at, meaning I will end up doing them for every room now:

  • Detail painting, e.g. corners and edges
  • Wallpapering
  • Filling in problem areas with polyfilla
  • Changing door handles
  • Not panicking

That last one I’m pretty proud of, because I’m not great in a crises any other time. I guess I’m a bit more my father’s daughter when it comes to a little DIY, going right, so that’s not worked. What can I try? 

My dad’s a real handyman and I’m a little pleased that I got a bit of that in me too.

That’s what I spent my week making; a peaceful zone in my new home. I’m happy that we’ve got somewhere nice to sit and spend time now it’s getting colder and Christmas is edging ever closer. I can’t wait to see my tree in here!

So what have you been making this Monday? Next week I think I’ll try my hand at these adorable stuffed elephants, gotta get started on those home-made Christmas presents!

Hayley Margaret


6 thoughts on ““I Made That!” Monday – A Space To Be Proud Of

  1. Your living room looks awesome! Love the new paint ๐Ÿ™‚ and kudos to you for not panicking! I get overwhelmed very easily when doing big projects ๐Ÿ˜“


  2. I think you and the boys did a great job. I agree with the robin’s egg blue. It’s a lovely color to sit in and read or do anything where you just want to be calm and peaceful.


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