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“I Made That!” Monday – Cute Coasters [Festive Edition!]

I love Christmas. Seriously. I don’t have the words to describe how happy this season makes me!

IMG_7650This weekend I got all dressed up elf-style to spend the day putting up our tree and decorations to the tunes of Now That’s What I Call Christmas. It was a perfect day.

This weekend I also sat down to get started on my inevitable slew of homemade Christmas things. I just can’t stop! Last year I had a crafty bonanza on Christmas eve and made so many cute things! This year I want to try and start a little earlier – and where else to start than something small and easy like coasters! I made some not long ago for our living room, but I reasoned that we needed some with a festive twist!

Xmas Coasters 1
You can see my scrap bunting triangles in the back there! I’ve been keeping them since last Christmas to reuse them, I’m glad I finally got to!

I made them out of this fabric you may recognise – they’re offcut scraps of my festive bunting project last year! Coasters only require a small amount of fabric so I figured recycling = saving the world (and money).

Xmas Coasters 2
It always surprises me how much a simple thing like ironing can change a project. My coasters go from these…
Xmas Coasters 3
…To these! (+ topstitching.)


They turned out looking like this! Again, much like the last ones, they’re a bit wonky, but I’ve come to accept that my topstitching will probably never be world-class!

I love the fabric, even if the only way to get reasonably-sized squares was to cut up the reindeer. Sorry Rudolf! I’m so glad I hung onto the spare scraps of bunting to be able to reuse it like this!

Xmas Coasters 4
Even though Rudolf’s legs are cut off, I think these still give off Christmas vibes, right?

Notes For Next Time / Constructive Comments

  • I chose to use red felt as an inner padding for these – not a great idea when using white fabric – you can slightly see the red through the main fabric. This isn’t too visible and not a major problem but I would advise using a closer matching felt to the colour of your main fabric if you try it!
  • Topstitching = bleh. At this point I can’t even pretend it’s getting any better. I am perpetually destined to be a wonky sewer. Oh well. Acceptance is good right?
  • I was happy with my hand-stitching the openings closed though! I think I’m getting much better at subtlety closing those pull-through gaps!
Xmas Coasters 5
Here’s a shot of my creations in use – Doesn’t it look like I’m ready for Christmas now?

I’m happy with them, and they stop my lovely new coffee table from being all marked up, which is most important – jeez, I sound like my mother.

As a small bonus, here’s something else I made this week!

PicMonkey Collage.png
Messy but hey, they taste good, and that’s the point right?

My first ever batch of Christmas biscuits! I feel I’ve come over all domestic.

That’s what I made this week, what about you? 

Hayley Margaret


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