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On The Second Craft of Christmas ft. “I Made That!” Monday

On the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite Christmas-based crafty activities from all over the internet. (Most of them will be – or have been – tried by yours truly!)

The 12

Today’s Craft of Christmas is a mashup with “I Made That!” Monday, as I’m sharing something I made this weekend! (Two posts in one, how about that!)

On The Second Craft of Christmas, I will share with you:

Homemade Christmas Stockings 

I’ve made these before, last Christmas for my niece and nephew, but never got around to making some for The Boy and I. I figured since now we own an actual fireplace, I would be remiss not to make stockings to adorn it.

The tutorial I’ve linked to by Fabric Worm worked so well and was so helpful when I used it last year that I went back to it this time for the instructions on how to make them a second time around. Although I did check my Notes for Next Time section on the post about them, (that’s what it’s for!)  and duly scrapped the padding inside them, which I much prefer!

Stockings on the stockings. It’s stocking-ception!

The fabric is something new for me. I actually bought it online, after spotting it in my issue of Love Sewing. It’s from a new range called Festive by Cloud9 and Jo Clark. I usually buy my fabric from local places that I just see and like, but I just absolutely fell in love with this cute design and had to find a retailer that would send me some! Luckily Maud’s Fabric Finds would ship to me here, and also had a Black Friday sale on at the time, perfect.

Sewing the cuffs on is by far my least-favourite part. I always worry they won’t fit round my machine and I’ll sew bits together!

I was initially concerned about using red lining under the white-based main fabric after it slightly showed through under my Christmas coasters last week, but in the end I thought, screw it, red’s the only logical colour to use here, and so I did.

One finished stocking, now for another one to match!

I needn’t have worried, I think it looks fine, I can’t see the red lining through it, and it looks ever-so appropriately festive inside!

Hung on the fireplace, ready for Santa to fill!

This is what they look like hung up next to the tree. I’m glad  they look pretty much exactly the same, matching stockings for The Boy and I.

Notes for Next Time:

  • I had a mini issue with the hanging ribbon. When stitching it between the layers of cuff and lining, I got confused and stitched it in between the layers of main and lining fabrics. Oops! In the end I had to cut a little hole with the seam ripper and insert another ribbon and re-sew over the gap. It’s not a major problem, but there’s a rogue ribbon somewhere inside the casing of one stocking!
  • You couldn’t see the lining through the outside fabric in this case. Maybe the main fabric was thicker or of better quality. It would be advisable to test any future linings and main fabrics together under natural light so see whether they’d be seen through or not.
  • Alternative recommendation for a tutorial has to go to We Are Lovely, with this excellent tutorial for reversible stockings. A friend showed me ones she had made using their tutorial and they were lovely! (Also reversible = cool!)

So today, Christmas Stockings are The Second Craft of Christmas and my “I Made That!” Monday of this week.

Hayley Margaret

That’s what I made this week, how about you? Have you been doing any Christmas crafts? P.S. I’ve re-jigged the blog a bit, how’s it looking? What do you guys think?


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