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On The Eighth Craft of Christmas

On the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite Christmas-based crafty activities from all over the internet. (Most of them will be – or have been – tried by yours truly!)

The 12

Today’s Craft of Christmas is something I go on about a lot. I love it. So why not make festive versions?

On The Eighth Craft of Christmas I will share with you:

Festive Bunting!

PicMonkey Collage xmas bunting
My “Merry Christmas” bunting that I made last year!


I made Christmas-themed bunting myself last year and decided to show you some of the cute examples the internet has to offer in order to convince you that this is a great idea!

There are all sorts of Christmas bunting / garland ideas out there, they don’t all have to be strings of triangles!

Source: Mollymoocrafts

For example, mollymoo has these awesome free printables to make this cute paper-tree garland!

Or you could follow this tutorial from Home Life and make bunting that doubles as an adorable advent calendar!

Source: Homelife – How to Make Advent Calendar Bunting

If you’re feeling particularly rustic, you could try making your bunting out of burlap or even slices of wood! I think both of these are lovely!











If you’re more of a crochet/knitty person, I saw this uber cute mitten garland shared by Caught on a Whim!

Source: Caught on a Whim – DIY cozy mitten garland

This next one is one I wanted to try this year and simply ran out of time. Also I’m not sure about glue guns. Maybe next Christmas I’ll have some of these strung about the place, because I do love them! This tutorial by Kojo Designs tells you how to make a string of retro Chistmas lights out of fabric. If you like them, definitely go check out how to do it!

Source: Kojo Designs – Retro fabric Christmas lights tutorial

Also gotta mention that Tabitha over at The Sewing Nook is great at festive bunting. I love the nordic-style ones she’s made, and the red-and-green combo is a Christmas classic!

Hope I’ve got you feeling the love for the festive bunting! Tomorrow’s another Christmas Crafts ft. “I Made That!” Monday special (plus I’m going to be making rice snowmen with my goddaughter, so look forward to those later in the week!)

5 sleeps ’till Santa!

Hayley Margaret

Do you have festive bunting or garlands?




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