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On The Ninth Craft of Christmas ft. “I Made That!” Monday!

On the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite Christmas-based crafty activities from all over the internet. (Most of them will be – or have been – tried by yours truly!)

The 12

Today’s Craft of Christmas is another mashup with this week’s “I Made That!” Monday.

They’re a good ol’ reliable staple of mine and guaranteed to tart up any room super quick, so this also goes for adding a little festiveness! So today I got out my machine and whipped one up.

On The Ninth Craft of Christmas I will share with you:

Festive Cushion Covers!

I made an envelope cushion cover, which are the absolute easiest type to make, and also my favourites – not just for that reason, but mainly! They don’t involve fiddling with zips, just being able to sew in a straight line and look uber cute too! I’ve made some before, and they always look so good.

I recommend this tutorial over on Craftaholics Anonymous for how to make your own envelope cushion cover, it’s very succinctly and helpfully explained. I love the idea of Christmas cushion covers, they can be brought out year on year and put on the cushions each festive season, then they’re pretty easy to fold up and put away come January!

christmas cushion cover 1
My seam along the bottom was surprisingly straight!

I love this fabric. It’s not busy with colour so it feels a bit calmer, but it still has that Christmassy print going on!

christmas cushion cover 2
So wonky. I haven’t a clue how this turned out so straight! (The wonky bit is hidden, phew!)

My panels on this cushion cover were so wonky. I’m glad it turned out as well as it did. When I had loads left on one sided I was worried the cushion wouldn’t fit!

christmas cushion cover 3.jpg
Fluffy cushions – Always a good addition to any room!

This is the final result. It looks good I think! They always look better with cushions in!

Notes for Next Time

  • Those back bits were wonky as all hell. I’m not sure whether I cut it wrong or hemmed it weirdly, but I’ll have to be watchful of that next time! Thankfully that bit is hidden by a non-wonky bit in the back so it’s all good.
  • My hemming was pretty good and straight actually! (That’s pretty close to topstiching right? Can I say I’m getting better at that yet?)
  • I wanted to make two of these but didn’t have enough fabric. Maybe plan out on paper what the best configuration of cutting is to get the most out of each bit of fabric. No worries though, the rest of it is begging to be turned into something else cute and Christmassy!
christmas cushion cover 4
On our sofa! Yes that is a Christmas throw behind. Did I mention how I love this season yet?

It’s already been tried and tested and found to be rather comfy so I am definitely pleased with it! This will be starting off a whole collection of festive cushion covers, I’m sure.

Today, a friend and a 3-year-old and I made snowmen out of rice and socks. It was awesome. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting about it tomorrow!

Hayley Margaret

Do you collect cushions like I do?


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