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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ve Recently Added to my TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a booky-themed blog event organised by The Broke and The Bookish. As I don’t have the concentration or the conciseness to be able to write an entire top ten list about books (it would be too long), I’ve decided to cut it to Top Five Tuesday instead. It may be less alliterative but more doable!

Top Five Books I’ve Recently Added to my TBR

5110Noj-xFL1) The Merlin Trilogy (Mary Stewart)

I went on a proper Arthurian kick on my Christmas list this year and this was one of my magical gifts. I’ve always loved historical fiction – History alone doesn’t hold my attention for long, but add some fiction and drama and things you couldn’t know, and I’m interested. I also love Arthurian legend. Mainly because of MerlinBecause that show was amazing.


2) Guinevere: A Medieval Romance (Guinevere Trilogy Books 1-3, Lavinia Collins23809411)

Again, see above re: Arthurian themed Christmas list. To be honest I was tied between this and another trilogy by Lavinia Collins, The Morgan trilogy, with a character loosely based on historical Morgan/Morgana le Fay. I will be reading that trilogy too. This one only went on my list because it is sold in one big book of all three parts. Plus LC’s Guinevere sounds like a badass. Excellent.


108379663) Tribune of Rome 
(Vespasian I, Robert Fabbri)

Again, I am a sucker for historical fiction and looking for something to fill my Rome-shaped void left by the final part of Kate Quinn’s Roman Saga. I also got a voucher for a free kindle book and this was one of the options. Roman fictional series? I am all over that.



Wicked: The Life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Years #1, Gregory Maguire)37442

Ever since I found out that the best musical of all time originated as a book, I’ve wanted to read it. There’s something about the ‘secret story’ of previously one-dimensional villains that is really interesting (see Maleficent) and adds a whole different layer to stories you thought you knew. Also there’s magic and talking animals and revolutions against The Man Wizard. All things I like!


22314178Touch (Claire North)

This book is on this list because I just read another by Claire North, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, which was amazing and I have written a review for it which I will post soon, if anyone is interested! Suffice to say I enjoyed it so much I looked at what else she had written and this jumped out at me as a pretty cool premise. Also they stocked it in my library, which helped. On the list it goes!

Those are the newest additions to my To Be Read list, though it doesn’t really need to get much bigger, there’s already way too much on there as it is! If you want to see what made other people’s TBR’s you can check out the original post on The Broke and The Bookish and look at all the links they have there to people that have joined in with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!

Hayley Margaret

Are you a reader? What have you recently added to your to-read list?


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ve Recently Added to my TBR

    1. Haha I suspect we do have different taste in literature! It’s nice though! I’m always interested in hearing about your favourite books because I wouldn’t normally pick them myself! Gives me an insight into a whole new genre. 🙂

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